Update from Panama

The project is continuing. We are more than halfway done with the walls. We started the cap beam and started making trusses. We laid our 08 Panamablocks faster than they could be made! We would like to have the cap beam finished by Saturday a.m. before free time in the afternoon. The project is located behind the pastor’s house and is close to the ocean so it is a beautiful location.

Sunday we went across the shore to a fresh river and went swimming. We picked mangoes and coconuts and enjoyed them. It was a relaxing day.

Did a presentation at a church on Sunday and Jared Iles preached the sermon. He is a very good preacher!  We also did open-air evangelism in the streets.

Mail:  The man who visited us last week took a bunch of letters back and will be mailing them from Washington.  The mail is going to a Post Office box in Panama City so when someone comes between here and there, they will bring the mail. We will get on the way out, if not before.

Thank you for your prayers.



  1. Hugs and prayers to everyone!

  2. Carolyn Mitchell

    Hi, Panama team!
    So awesome to hear of your progress with the walls! Great job so far! I am also pleased to hear of how you are able to have some “down time” to enjoy the river and relax. Wonderful to hear of your church presentation and am proud of you all, including you, Jared! Way to go with your preaching the sermon!!! Take care, and stay healthy!

    Carolyn M. in San Jose 🙂

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