20 saved through Preteen Indiana ministry!

I could not be more pleased with the way things are going on the team. We have been here two days and there are at least 20 people who 25 United Stateshave been born again. The team seems to be very happy and healthy. No one at the moment has been sick. Amyann, who is the head female leader, has had a soar throat and hasn’t felt perfect but other than that, the team seems to be doing very well physically. Many people heard the gospel from these preteens at the fairs and everyone of these preteens are positive and enthusiastic about it.

In the morning we do Bible studies and devotionals. During the morning the team was also able to wash some of their stuff and get showers. The second half of the day is when we go to the fairs. The BMW students and the preteens divided between two fairs. Tomorrow we will divide between three fairs. After everyone gets back from the fairs we meet, pray and share some stories of people coming to know Jesus. After that is bed time. The girls are sleeping in cabins near the TTT building and the boys sleep on air mattresses in the building. The team is very happy with their accommodations especially after Boot Camp.

A preteen, named Faith, lead two people to Christ the first day of the fair share ministry. Henrie and Ashley also had the privilege of leading someone to Christ. I (Adam Bauman) also was able to lead someone to Christ today. God is so good and doing great things through this team. Three of the 13 team members wrote a blurb so here they are.


Dear Parents,

I have had a wonderful time here at TTT. I led 2 people to Christ yesterday and we had this survey about teenagers and there is 7 questions and 3 other questions about if you or your friend would go to heaven or not. There is this Bible packet we give them. It is so much fun.

I miss you guys sooooooooooooo much. I love you. I wish I could kiss you and hug you guys so much. Thank you for supporting me along the way

~Caleb J~

To: Mellisa and Carlos

Hey parents!!! and Josh. Last nights soul-winning went great. I evangelized with some great people. I was nervous at first but quickly got comfortable. Soul-winning is absolutely awesome. I cannot wait to tell you all the stories. 1 carnival down 15 more to go. Unashamed of the gospel. Romans 1:16. Love you, tell Josh I said hi.

~Lyndie G~

Parents and brother\sister

I miss you guys but this is good for me. I will learn to love\respect my family! I love you guys SO much! Thank you for being great in my life.

Love you,
Lyndie G.


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