Camp is in full swing in China

Dear Family and Friends,
Camp is in full swing and the China team members are really using the skills they have learned to reach out to these campers. I truly wish China 2014IMG_1235you could be here to see them in action, because words cannot express how awesome they are doing.
The Teachers (Colton, Amanda, Heather, Andrew, Melody, Linda, Hannah, and Leah) are having a blast teaching these kids English. Some of them are more advanced then others while other speak no English at all. Each one was evaluated and put into 1 of the 4 classes from advanced to beginner. The also have 1 on 1 tutoring classes with the kids. The regular classes and the tutoring sessions happen everyday so the teachers are really busy, but they are doing great!
Danny has been running the golf time at the camp. It’s more like putt-putt golf then swinging a club, but the kids enjoy it.
Wes, Clara, and Laurel have been helping the kids learn Archery. There are four stations and each kid gets a chance to shoot at a target about 25 feet away.
Emma has been running the basketball portion of the camp. She has taught them knockout and Pig. She has also played basketball games with them.
There is also a time where the campers go on a mountain biking trip.
Veronica, Preston, Austin, Liz, Rebekah, and Anthony help escort the teams to the above mention activities and participate with the kids.
Nathan has been given a special responsibility to help organize the activities alongside one of the camp helpers.
Rachel O. has also been given a special responsibility, leading the daily rallies.
Linda, Clara, Emma, Danny and Laurel help run the daily “Iron Chef” competition.
It is a busy schedule, but it’s good to see the team members taking on their responsibilities and helping keep the camp running smoothly. This first camp will be over on Friday, but the next batch of campers arrive on Sunday afternoon. It’s hard to believe our time in China is flying by so quickly! Keep praying for our team to have opportunities to share the love of Jesus.





  1. We appreciate the updates!!! We also really like how you personalized this by mentioning what every team member is doing (nice personal touch!!!) We know you are glorifying God with the work you are doing. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. PTL

  2. Praying daily for the team. Wesley is my grandson. He is a special person.

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