The Mongolia/Korea team has arrived safely in Korea.

The Mongolia/Korea team has arrived safely in Korea.  We were met by Joanna Shinn, a former Missionary to Canada, and she drove us down Mongolia 2014IMG_2420to her home city where we will rest for two days and begin to prepare for teaching English when we return.  We were treated to a wonderful Korean meal on our way here and the team loved eating Kim Chi and other local dishes.  The team is enjoying staying in condominiums provided by Joanna’s family for the next two days.  Now the teams are settling in to their rooms and preparing to sleep off their jet leg.  I hope to write a more detailed report in a few days.



  1. Praying for all of you. Asking the Holy Spirit to go before you and prepare the way for HIS glory.

  2. Praise God for safe arrival to Korea, comsam mi da, Jesus! Enjoy your blessings, God is good. 🙂 looking forward to hear more about your wonderful journey ahead as you do God’s work. FIGHTING!! God bless and be with you all.

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