South Africa Settled In

Hello from cold South Africa!
Friday and Saturday we spent the days taking down Boot Camp and packing out.  Former Team Members (FTMs) Elise and Sammy kept 28 South Africasaying that this was the easiest pack out that they’ve gone through so thank you for your prayers!  We finished packing by 2:30 on Saturday and were able to spend time with families who came down for commissioning.  Thank you to all of you who sent goodies and snacks for us after commissioning.  The team really enjoyed them!  After a big breakfast on Sunday, we headed for the airport for our first flight.  Monday morning we landed in Germany and had a long layover so we took the opportunity to go visit the nearby town of Mainz which has the old Barvarian look and feel to it still.  The team enjoyed walking around and going inside of St. Stephen’s cathedral, looking at information about the Gutenburg Bible, and eating German foods.  Elizabeth and Noah’s favorite was the gelato and Kara’s favorite was the salami and swiss hero sandwiches.  After another overnight flight, we FINALLY made it to South Africa where we were met by one of our other leaders, Jason.  Jason and his family are the coordinators for the TMI base in South Africa. Tuesday we spent the day getting set up.  We have had the opportunity to meet some of the BMW students down here and can’t wait to get to know them better and we partner with them to reach out to their community. After a cold first day, we made plans to go to town on Wednesday to purchase more winter clothes.  While there is no snow, the temperature does get down to freezing.  Thankfully, Jason was prepared and have been borrowing things from him.  Hannah R is loving the climate though because she says it reminds her home!
We found out more details about our work project as well!  We are going to be constructing a fence that will protect the land where the center for the Samaritan Ladies will be built.  Jason has informed us that since the property is used as a shortcut for people walking by, that before the center can be built, the land must be fenced so that people won’t take supplies.  We have already started working and can’t wait to see how much we can get done in the next few weeks!



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