We have some great news!  We were able to raise the wind turbine into place today!  It is ready to start generating electricity for the base.  Uganda 2014We have finished the first plastering in the bathrroms and are starting to install the fixtures.  The courtyard is filled and now we are leveling the dirt.  It is such a blessing to see all of our hardwork pay off.
Today, we have come to town to shop for snacks and souvenirs.  It has been sunny and hot here mostly.
 We finally got rain on Sunday and again yesterday.  Everyone is still healthy and good.
We only have one week left here in Koboko.  Our time here is short and we hope to accpomplish all of our projects before we leave.
On Saturday we will have another outreach day with the orphans.  We have all learned to be so much more appreciative of everything we have when we so many people who have nothing.  Last night a boy came by to visit.  He had a plastic bag filled with flour and it had busted.  He tried and tried to tie the bag back together.  Lane went in and got a cloth shopping bag to give to the boy so he could carry the flour home.  To our amazement, the boy cried because he was so thankful.
Renee shared in devos about honoring and respectinog our parents when we get home.  Roman shared last night about fathers.
The team is dong great!  Thank you all for your continued prayers.  We feel the effects of them for sure!
Lane:  We are having a great time in Uganda.  The projects aare getting done and we have had lots of evangelism opportunities.  Miss you, Dad and happy birthday, SIS!



  1. Praying for everyone and your continued success in making the orphans more comfortable…and prayers for your sharing of God love to Gods people! Love you Mindy Potter

  2. Good to see you smiling Cassidy! We miss and love you! Can’t wait to hear all about the trip and the awesome things God has done while you’ve been there! See you soon! ❤️

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