Adventures in Italy

We had a splendindly smooth time traveling to Europe, everyone was able to get well rested in the Orlando airport prior to departing to 21 ItalyFrankfurt and then to Rome. We have had the priviledge of staying in cabins while in Rome (it is quite the treat for everyeone) although we are looking forward to our “intense” time of backpacking #punforthewin.

We had the opportunity to see the Colosseum as well as the Trevi Fountain on Tuesday (the 8th) the weather was gorgeous and all were able to experience their first tastes of Italian Gelato.  They shared their presentation in front of the palace that Mussolini built during World War II as well.  Their performances were all in very crowded, well known tourist attractions so the team was able to reach many different cultures and people gorups at once.  How many people are able to say that they shared the Gospel in front of the Trevi  Fountain?  Not many…

Yesterday (the 9th) we were able to witness / give our presentation at a train station where many homeless refugees from Iran and Arabia gather. It was an encouragement to see our team share the many ways that Jesus has worked in their lives. For some, it was a great way for them to conquer their fears of evangalism.  Today we attended a local worship service in the first Farsi speaking church in Italia! It was incredible to hear so many languages being lifted up for the glory of our God. Those present were all so welcoming and a fantastic message was preached by one of the members.  It was most certainly a moving experience for all.

We have had many an adventure on the Roman trains and Metro.  The team is really learning to listen, so that they know when to get off and to watch out for each other as we are traveling.  It is amazing and heart warming as leaders to see the bonds that are being formed and the unity that our team now has.  They all love each like the brothers and sisters in Christ that they are and  continually show it in several different forms, each unique to the person.
Tomorrow, we embark on our journey to Naples where we have heard there’s the best pizza in the world (according the Italians)! We shall be meeting up with a local youth group and ministering along side them as well as enjoying their fellowship.
“Today was our third day in Rome. We have yet to start backpacking, but I am going to say that the sightseeing is incredible! We went to see the amazing colesseum, and also the catacombs which were in a word “chilling” for some poeple but interesting none the less. Also, today we went to a church that spoke Farsi and it was really amazing to watch them worship because even though we did not understand what they were saying, we knew what they were talking about.” – Shami Carroll

“Well, we have been in Rome for three days now, and nobody has gotten robbed, lost, or killed, so thats always a plus! God has really moved in our lives as we have begun to share his love with the people here. We leave our campsite in the morning to do some sightseeing, and then we do our music presentation in from of a famous tourist site. Last night we went and shared the gospel with the refugees living in the train station, which is basically the ghetto of Rome. It really moved me to see so many people who probably didn’t know where they were going to sleep the next night. And yet, they were very open to the love of Christ. Please pray that the Spirit will empower and guide us, that the Lord would open the hearts of those we witness to.” – Joel Larson




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