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Many loads of rock and dirt have been brought in the past two days so the team has had to work extra hard to keep up!  They are continuing Australia 2014to Australia 2014level out the land so that a sturdy chapel can be built.  They are worn out at the end of each day and ready for a night of rest.

I can see so many instances of maturity and spiritual growth in this team just in the past week and I’m so thankful that they are learning and paying attention to the things God is teaching them.

Today the half of the team that didn’t go last week are going to have the chance to do some street evangelism.  This Sunday we will all do the team presentation at another church.

Web Testimony #1

In the last few days we have been really working hard to get the ground ready so that Teen Missions Australia can start on the new chapel building.  God has been working in all of our hearts in our G.G. Classes and Bible Study.  When we got here, our team was already really close, but now we are closer than ever and it is awesome to get to know the amazing people on our team as well as the staff and B.M.W here down under!  Tanner Besosa

Web Testimony #2- The past few days have been fun.  We have all been working on leveling dirt on a piece of land that will be used for a new chapel.  It has been so much fun getting to know this team better as I have been working beside them, and will be sad when we all have to say our goodbyes. Christopher Slaughter

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