God is giving the Ireland team many opportunities for evangelism

God is giving the Ireland team many opportunities for evangelism so it’s been a blessing is that we’ve been able to go out and do evangelism20140710_190517Ireland 2014 in Ireland 2014Dublin and also just down on the harbor about 10 minutes walk from where we’re staying. Team members have been evangelizing to folks on the dart (Train) They did the presentation tonight over at the harbor for the fishermen and their families as well as some other people who came over to socialize it was received extremely well it was about a 30 minute presentation with four songs; Oceans,  My Lighthouse,  Behold our God, and Amazing Grace. They did two puppet songs; Jesus Lifted Me and Child of the King.  The battleground drama was done well, they were amazing it was Clayton,  Abby Seevers, Austin, Shayla, Erin Gray, Cindy, Cathryn and Darren it was incredible we praise the Lord for the opportunity to do that and we are very grateful to the fisherman who provided the wonderful meal. Earlier today we went up to Dalkey hill which is about a 30 to 45 minute hike up the kids really enjoyed looking out over the beautiful coast of southern Ireland the Dalkey bay as well as the bay of Bré. God is doing incredible things here in Ireland. The work project is going well, we expect to have the playground done by Monday night. The enclosure the team has been building is moving quickly,  we expect to have that finished by next Friday.  The team is working hard,  Aiden, has been breaking blocks and mixing mortar. Lisa has been laying block with Erin. Clayton and Sebastian have also been working hard laying the back wall. Its also been an encouragement to have an artist I’m the team,  Sebastian has been drawing everyone they’re own character I’m his and Ethans story.  Parents thanks for sending your children on this team they have each been a huge blessing!  


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  1. Just curious….is Darby Martell still there? Haven’t heard from her or seen her name in any of the reports?:) As for everyone else GREAT JOB! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU ALL!

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