Hello from beautiful, sunny, cool Ecuador

Hello from beautiful, sunny, cool Ecuador,
Since our last update we have had some great weather to get a lot of work done.  The entire team has been doing well & adjusted to the 70 Ecuadoraltitude change with no problems.
Tuesday started out rainy & damp.  The team spent the morning getting settled into their dorms & helping get the kitchen set up.  In the afternoon the sun came out, so the base coordinator, Benjamin showed the team the OC.  Abraham, Matt & Silas said this has been their favorite part of the trip so far.  SB’s were also served by chopping down small trees & making fence post for a pig pen for the base.  Joelle & John served on KP. Alex led evening devotions.  The team also practiced their first presentation for tomorrow.
Wednesday was sunny & clear.  Berea, Bada & Seth enjoyed being able to see Cotopaxi & the beautiful scenery that makes the base a wonderful place to be.  In the morning, the team’s work project was to help get the OC & camp ready for the upcoming Boot Camp.  The jobs were making the red sea bigger, building the 5 D’s of Devil, & cleaning up the area where the Boot Camp team members will be putting their tents.  In the afternoon, the team along with leaders, Mr. Chris, Mr. Eric & Miss Kim, hiked to a local village to give their presentation.  Alex, Dean & Joelle, loved the one-mile hike that consisted of a 200 feet decent down the mountain, crossing the river on a man-made bridge, & a 200 feet climb back up the other side of the hill to the village.  Payton, Josh & Elijah loved playing soccer with the local kids & TMI Ecuador staff.  Andrew felt that the teams first presentation went very well, & the kids enjoyed it.  Jeremy loved that John was willing to be an interpreter for him so he could interact with the kids.  Travis & Kymberly served on KP.  Faith led evening devotions.
Thursday, another beautiful sunny day.  Payton & Parker are serving on KP, & Silas will lead the evening devotions.  The morning was spent with finishing up the work projects from yesterday.  This afternoon, the kids will get out the bikes & practice riding up & down the roads here near the base.
Here are some testimonies from some of the team members.  The questioned asked was – “What has God taught you these past couple of days?”
Rachel – God has taught me to be patient.  I love being in control of my time, but I need to let God be in control of my plans & have patience if I don’t know exactly what lies ahead for me.
Darin – God has taught me work better as a team, not get frustrated when things don’t go the way I think they should & keep calm.  He is in control of everything.
Faith – God has taught me to make the best of everything because He has a plan.  You need to have faith that He will come through with what He knows is best for you.
Garrett – God has taught me that you have to push through the hard things, & work together as a team.  If you don’t work together, nothing will work at all.
Thanks for you prayers.



  1. Hi this John Gonzalez mom.i just want to let them all know how proud I’m of all of you and my son John I love you so much
    my angel.i hope you have a beautiful time and experience son your brother and sister are missing you a lot.
    I’m sorry for not assisting to see you son.saturday.unfortunately I have being in the hospital but hopefully I be out when
    you get back I canot wait to see you son .i love you.and don’t worry for me mommy is find cause the lord its always with
    us.bless you son and all your team.go Ecuador..

  2. The update brought tears to our eyes, as we read the testimonies of these brave, young kids. I’m continuously being challenged by these kids, who ultimately trust that everything is good when He is at the center. Even as an adult, I often struggle with trusting…so to hear 10, 11, 12, and 13 year olds share these testimonies is extremely humbling. Way to go, Team Ecuador!! Xoxo

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