Hikes begin for Kilimanjaro team

Yesterday we ended our construction work on the building. We are so proud of the kids because their hard work, the building would not be 09 Tanzaniaabout to progress. They finished pouring concrete for the pillars so that the inner walls don’t cave in. They might say that hauling water was exhausting, but now they have some amazing muscles to prove that they made a difference. When they get discouraged and think they’re not making a difference, we have to remind them that if it wasn’t for them, a school couldn’t start, and without a school, new missionaries wouldn’t be born. They might be building temporary buildings here, but they’re helping to build up eternal souls all at the same time!
Last night, our leader Jevon and our helper, James, had the opportunity to witness to a native man. He showed up not too long ago and sleeps in our shed. We often don’t see him, but when we do, we feed him and give him water. He isn’t homeless, nor is he dangerous. In fact, he’s a local tribe leader. He’s in his 90’s, he has 6 wives, and 38 children, and many of them also have children. It is believed that he was Muslim, but we’re not quite sure. I say “was” because he came to Christ after hearing about what Jevon and James had to say! Praise the Lord! (His name is Lazarus… and he just rose from the dead!)

After we’re done with this report, we’re headed to the Tanzanite mine so that those who want to pay for it can go look for their own precious stones. The others will be going to shop at the Masai market. Afterward, we will be going back to our camp in Boma to pack up and get ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be heading out on our first hike, about 7 kilometers. After we get all situated, we’ll spend the remainder of our time going out to the villages and sharing our presentation. Thankfully, we’ll be taking James with us so that he can translate for us.

We don’t have any pictures today, but we will certainly try to have them on the next report. Thank you once again for entrusting us with your lovely children. I think you’re going to be impressed with the way they’ve changed and grown! I don’t think I’ve had a team that believes in prayer like they do!




  1. I have really enjoyed reading the updates about your team’s progress. This is such an amazing opprtunity for these young people to have an eternal impact on the lives of people outside of their own culture. There is no doubt this trip will also have a life long impact on the lives of all the young people involved. I was speaking with the father of one of your team members, Ryan Ernest, yesterday and shared with him that I feel a little jealous that I did not have this kind of opportunity when I was Ryan’s age. Keep up the good work everyone. You inspire us to be different and make a differnce for Christ. Chuck

  2. Awesome!

  3. Sounds like a great adventure, enjoy!

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