The Honduras team is very excited to finally be in Honduras!

The Honduras team is very excited to finally be in Honduras! We arrived at the orphanage yesterday afternoon after some interesting travels. 20 HondurasOur last few days after commissioning consisted of taking down boot camp. We helped to move chairs, and take down some bigtops. Being in Florida a bit longer gave us time to organize our packing, learn about the country, sleep in air conditioning and take showers!

We left Boot Camp later than planned on Tuesday because a few team members needed to be taken to a clinic and get medicine for sores on their arms. This meant we did not have time at the airport for many phone calls home (sorry parents!). Then our flight was delayed due to thunderstorms which was stressful at the moment, but God had a bigger plan. We missed our connecting flight from El Salvador to Honduras, but the airline paid for us to stay at a beautiful hotel in El Salvador with an amazing breakfast. Not only was the rest a blessing, but this meant we were able to arrive in San Pedro Sula during the day rather than at night which can be very dangerous. All of our personal baggage arrived and only three of the other bags were missing. They had to be taken on a later flight, and a man from the orphanage is picking them up today. We were met at the airport by the staff of the orphanage, taken to a restaurant and then on an hour bus-ride to the orphanage. We settled into our lodgings yesterday evening and then joined the children for their weekly worship service which they run. It was wonderful to meet the children and their house mothers. The orphanage staff have been very helpful and the team has enjoyed getting to know the intern who is just a bit older than them.

Today we began construction on classrooms as well as lodging for volunteers. We also moved our boys’ sleeping arrangements to a different building in order to have more space. This afternoon we plan to continue construction and also work on our evangelism presentation. Everyone is doing well. Spirits are high and the team had big appetites for lunch.

Thank you for praying.


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