Lots of work to do in the DR

Today marks our third full day here in the Dominican Republic.  We have made it past those first hard days of settling in and are adjusting well DR 2014to our new life for the next month.  The weather is pleasant…maybe a little on the warm side for some who prefer cooler weather.  We have had some rain, but nothing like the torrential down pours of Boot Camp.  Our standard of “acceptable” rain fall is whether or not we can wash, hang, and take our clothes off of the line in one day.  So far, this has been achieved everyday, which means we have clean, happy team mates!  I have ventured into town twice for groceries and to exchange money.  Communication is extremely difficult here because no one speaks English and I do not speak ANY Spanish other than a few basic words.  Buying eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables just got a lot harder.  We are very grateful for Chris Frahm and Callie Waldrep and their ability to speak Spanish fluently.  They have helped bridge the gap between us and those who make the DR their home.  Our missionary, Ramon, has also asked a friend of his named Valentine to stay at the camp whilst we are here to translate for us too.  He speaks English fairly well.  It is nice to be able to understand each other. I can definitely relate to those people who were alive when The Lord confused their languages at the Tower of Babel!  What a gift it is to be able to communicate with each and how we take it for granted!  Our project is going to be lots of hard, physical labor but our team will be able to see visible fruit from all their sweat and sore muscles has we mix and pour concrete everyday.  We have been asked to make a patio area for the pool on property.  (The pool is big and cool and a welcome treat to our team during their free time after a hard days work!)   We will also dig, frame and pour a LONG sidewalk from the pool to the chapel.  We will then dig, frame, and pour an even longer sidewalk from the chapel, around another building and up to the front of the camp.  We are transplanting bushes, trees and plants along the way to be able to accomplish these feats.  While all of these projects are being completed, we will also always have a crew picking up trash that is left by the various groups that will be in and out of here.  Everyone is healthy, including our little Lily…thank you for praying!  Until next time…


I asked our team this question “What is your favorite thing about the DR so far?”, and these were their answers.  Enjoy!

Chris – I don’t know.  I like a lot of things.  I enjoy the work, surprisingly.  It is really tough!
Christina – I like the landscape.  It is really pretty and there are so many different colors and plants.  It is beautiful.
Lauren – The ocean views we saw on our bus ride here from the airport.
Brianna – Probably the palm trees and the beauty of the land.
Kenya – The ocean…I really want to swim in it!
Trace – The camp we are at is so peaceful and we don’t have to worry about anything.  It is paradise!
Kaniela – The work of course!  Just kidding!  The DR reminds me of home.  It is just like Kaua’i.
Zak – How actually really pretty it is here.
Emanuel – I like how friendly people are.  Our hosts are so gracious and helpful!
Emily – It is easier than BC!  The beaches we saw on our way over here are beautiful too!
Elizabeth – The weather.  It is perfect.
Matt – The landscape.  It is pretty.
Seuraya – How full of life everything is.  The people and our surroundings are bright, fun, jazzy and nice!
Mike – That my wife is here with me!  (He totally just scored some huge bonus points with me!)
Sammy – It reminds me of Puerto Rico and I love the continuous breeze.
Tristen – The weather and that there are NO mosquitoes!
Lia – The pool and the showers!
Nick – The trees…they are green.  The environment is pretty and it is not as hot as Florida.  I am not cooking in my tent like a Thanksgiving turkey at night!
Dylan – The pool.  I haven’t swam in it yet, but it is nice to look at!
Jamie – I like the constant breeze and the trees.
Anastasia – The peacefulness and the breeze.  During devotions, it is so serene.
Anne – No mosquitoes!
Nolan – The scenery!
Cody – Just how cool everything is.  It is all so new to me!
Callie – The breeze and being able to practice speaking Spanish with patient people.
Aleyna – I like that there is a breeze everyday and no humidity.  The landscape is beautiful.
Evan – I like the pool.  And the food!  And getting to spend the summer with the Myers family again!
Olivia – There are not as many mosquitoes!
Michelle – I like everything, except that I do not speak any Spanish!!!


  1. On my IPOD I can see that additional reports with photos have been posted but not on my PC.
    Can anyone tell me why? My husband also couldn’t view from his PC at his job.

  2. Aloha from Hawaii. Glad to hear that everyone loves the beauty and the great weather. Yes, it must me a lot like Hawaii.
    But many people don’t understand that the pleasure of the eyes is deceiving and there are many stumbling blocks even to such an innocent thing as being totally raptured by the beauty. The enemy is very cunning. He never sleeps and waits for you to put down your guard.
    Every decision and choice you make is just like the obstacle courses you ran at Bootcamp!
    Remember your training and listen to wisdom; she is the one who will keep you all safe! Review the first few chapters of Proverbs.
    God Bless everyone’s work there with the children and all who you come in contact with.
    Be safe and share your love!
    Aunty Gloria (Kani’s Tutu)

  3. Hi Michelle and Mike,
    We are glad to have received an update. Please send more. The team looks good! I know you are busy. Hope all is well.
    Christie Walsh

  4. Happy to hear that the team is learning to work together and experiencing some of the blessings of pouring your heart and soul (and muscles) into expanding God’s family.

    Lia, I’m praying for you and your whole team each day, as well as for those in the DR whom you are reaching and encouraging. The new walkways will be such a help to the ministry there. Learn and give and grow ;-). Love you!

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