Lots to do in South Africa

Now that we have been here a few days, we are starting to get in a normal routine.  In the mornings after we wake up, we go out to the field 28 South Africaand work for about an hour while our lady leader Lydia gets breakfast ready.  Each day a couple of team members help in the kitchen; today Cierra and Elise were in the kitchen helping.  After breakfast we have a time for personal devotions.  After that, its back to work till lunch.  The team is working so hard that even though we have only been working a couple of days, we have accomplished more than Jason thought we’d be able to do by this time!  The team is excited because we are going to try to get done as much as we can before we return home.  While most are working on clearing the land for the fence, Caity and Emily got to work with a volunteer at the South Africa base who is building a tabernacle replica at the base.  After lunch we spend some time reading our library books.  Madeline is enjoying reading Kisses for Katie and Phillip is enjoying reading a book about Chet Bitterman, who’s brother taught our block laying class at Boot Camp.  Since around lunch time is the warmest time of the day, we also take care of bathing and laundry during this time as well.  Before dinner we work a few more hours and practice our presentation for when we visit a church on Sunday.  After dinner, we either have Bible study and/or GGs (girls and guys split Bible studies).  Finally before bed, we have team devos.  During team devos, we sing a few songs, and someone from the team shares with the group.  So far our leaders Lydia, Jason, and Colin have shared their testimonies and Savannah is sharing tomorrow night!  Please pray for us that we would joyfully serve day in and day out and remember that whatever we do, to work at it with all our hearts because it is for the Lord.
~The South Africa Team
Africa is amazing!  I have always felt a special calling to be here, and actually getting the opportunity is such a blessing!  The people here are so nice and welcoming.  I can’t wait to get the chance to worship with everyone on Sunday.  My team, in the three days that we have been here, has cleared land, dug holes, and now is ready to lay stakes in to make a concrete fence!  Our leader, Jason, is awesome. By the way, Africa DOES get cold!  Most of us were not prepared for 30 degree weather.  I am excited for the rest of the summer.  I am pretty sure it is safe to say that Africa has my heart!
-Elizabeth V.
Coming to Africa wasn’t that big of a culture shock; to me, it is very much like America.  There are malls and nice cars and English-speaking people but I’m realizing that there’s a lot underneath.  I feel like there is great poverty and deep need behind what I see.  God is showing me how to look and really see people.  I am looking forward to going out and witnessing; hopefully I’ll be able to share the Gospel with people.
-Gracie F.
Today, Caity and I assisted Mr. Ivan in building the tabernacle.  We sorted wood for a while, but later in the day, we had the opportunity to piece a part of the wall together.  We were so proud when we finished that part, but Mr. Ivan quickly informed us that we still had 43 more parts to go.  At least I learned how to efficiently screw wooden boards together.
-Emily H.



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  1. Hi! Hope to hear some news today:) Loving all of you, and Praising God for miracles!!

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