Malawi #2 After our 1st day in Africa

The team was early to bed after our long journey and enjoyed some much needed extra sleep. We experienced a beautiful cool morning here 10 Malawiat the main Teen Missions base here in Malawi. We can see lake Malawi just beyond our dorm building and can hear the waves. We were able to sort our supplies and purchase basic food stuffs in preparation for our move tomorrow to the Heart of Faith rescue unit near Mangochi.  The team also did laundry and practiced music and drama. We saw monkeys in the trees today and this evening enjoyed a group time with the Malawian students and the Preteen team.  We can’t wait to reach our 1st destination and begin ministry with the orphans. Here are a few testimonies from our team members.

Joelle Valentine: Hey y’all!  It’s our first full day in Malawi, we all made it safely… no missing bags which is a huge blessing. The flying here was the harder for me personally. I hate flying and not having my two feet on the ground. But through much prayer and the help of my team mates  I’ve made it without too much trouble or stress. We will be leaving the base here in Chipoka tomorrow for Mangochi where we will be staying to work with the orphaned children. Shout out to my family. Miss you… love you… You’re beautiful!

Lucy Killacky:  Today is our first full day in Malawi, the weather here is so much better than Florida. It’s like Nova Scotia on a hot day, but it’s a dry heat which is really nice.  All of the people here are very friendly. We haven’t really done a lot yet so there isn’t a whole lot to write about,. We leave tomorrow for the Rescue Unit, We’ll be there for a while until we leave to go drill the well. We slept in bunks last night and will again tonight but after that we will be in tents. So I’m looking forward to everything that’s coming up.



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