Panama update

Greetings from Panama! The team members are continuing to make blocks and hope to finish today or tomorrow for the buildings. They are 08 Panamastarting cap beam today and a crew is making trusses. We have to wait for some of the locals to cut more lumber to make more trusses. We hope to start setting trusses on Monday. Our goal is to get the roof on before leaving! We are taking time from 1-3 PM to do classes and laundry, while it is hot. Then we work until 6 PM.

The islanders made fried plantains and fried breadfruit for the team. We went to the mainland on Sunday and we got mangos right off the tree.

A few kids go out and share with a ministry team and hand out Spanish tracts. We will go to a school on Saturday afternoon and we do ministry on Sunday with puppets at a church. The kids who know Spanish have been a great help.

We did get some grocery supplies flown in from Panama City. The airplane landed on the mainland and a dugout canoe came across and brought them to us.

There are a lot of little storefronts and they sell soda and cookies so the team is getting cold soda and goodies. We are still trying to work on getting  internet access and will try to boat to a school early next week to send pictures. Pray that will work out.

Some of the local church ladies will be bringing some of their handmade items for the team to be able to purchase.


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