Safe in Holy Land

We received a phone call from Richard, the leader saying that they just got back from services at a church. They provided a nice meal for the 07 Israelteam and they are heading to bed. They will be sending another report in the next day or so. They appreciate everyone’s prayers and they are doing fine and feel safe at the school.



  1. So glad to hear you’re still getting out and going to church! There are many people here that are praying for you. We miss you, Nathan!

  2. Nelson & Gina Salazar

    I am SOOOO confident that THE LORD has set HIS angel all around His servants the TMI HOLY LAND TEAM! But I do pray that our sons and daughters are drawing close to their Heavenly Father and learning to depend on HIM like never before… may they learn to praise HIM in times of uncertainty like Paul, knowing that IN CHRIST he could depend. LORD BUILD THEIR FAITH! IN JESUS’s name. Alleluiah!!!

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