We all feel very blessed to be in Cameroon

We have finally arrived at the base here in Bamenda, Cameroon! Last night before we started our 7 hour bus ride to the base we stayed at an18 Cameroon English Guest house. It was absolutely beautiful! The team enjoyed doing their devotions in the garden and then swimming in the pool! For dinner we all went to the “White House” restaurant. The food was amazing and the team got to get a taste of true Cameroonian food. Although the bus trip was long, the team’s joyful attitude made it enjoyable. They sang songs almost the whole way and the bus driver even knew some of our english worship songs! For lunch we stopped at a sitting area in a town. The team got to sample some cow meat and they loved it! Most of the bus ride was through the mountains and winding roads. The view was beautiful and serene. We all got to see banana fields and multiple other varieties of fruits growing. Cameroon is very lush!
After much anticipation we arrived at the base to a loving welcome from the staff and children there. They treated us to a delicious meal of rice, fish and peanut sauce. We all feel very blessed to be here. Tomorrow we will get all settled in and start shoe organizing for the rescue units. The boot camp here also starts Saturday so we will get to be a part of that as well! Thank you for all your prayers back home! It is very much appreciated as we focus on our mission here.


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