Greetings from Malawi #1 drill

Hello to all you stateside folks!

Some of us are still recovering from what seemed to be an unlimited donut night with the Rumphi BMW (Bible, Missionary, and Work 10 Malawitraining) students last evening, thanks to Mrs. Michelle and a helpful set of KP (Lydia Fitzgerald and Cayge). It has been a blast to bond with the Malawian students and staff who have selflessly let us live at their base. The fun night filled with stories and questions between the two different cultures was followed by a chilly nights rest and chapel with the BMW students at 8 am this morning. Our team looks forward to this new addition every morning, as it is another chance we get to spend with the Malawi staff and students praising the Lord and tuning in on an encouraging message. We plan on cooking for the base within the next couple of days as another opportunity to bond with those living here.

Progress on the drill is being made slowly but surely, despite the limited equipment the team has access to. The well is over 100 feet deep with a 6 inch bit now being drilled down, and is in need of much more water than each previous day – this means the students make water runs to the bore hole until near dark. At the bore hole, we reunite with orphans who come to the base every night for Sunday school lessons and also meet new people. Some love chatting with us “azungus” (chitembuka for “white people”) while others keep to themselves. A couple mornings ago, the team was extremely encouraged when the village people showed their support for our well drilling by bringing us an ox cart full of water to use towards our project. What a blessing to be in “the Warm Heart of Africa”!

The leaders have set up a “store” in the kitchen which the team eagerly awaits for every Monday and Thursday. Here, they can purchase chips, cookies, forks, and other ‘necessities’ – even blankets for the frigid nights. And our newest addition as of today…Coke!

We all look forward to evening Bible studies and devotions, where the sweater-clad team huddles together underneath the “Tabernacle” (pavilion) with our flashlights to share what the Lord has been teaching us. Sometimes, the Rumphi base dogs, Tiger and Black who are much loved by the team, come to join around, especially around our once-in-awhile bonfire.

So far, even though our efforts in the kitchen have nearly always been successful, the teams’ favorite breakfast is when the BMW students make them “seema porridge”, which is basically the corn version of Cream of Wheat.

Thanks to Ms. Hana, the adorable and energetic Sunday school teacher, a couple of team members each day are asked to aid in teaching math, English, and bible lessons for the orphans, while other member help set up the obstacle course for the Boot Camp coming to the Rumphi base soon.

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for so much for your prayers; we have been overly blessed! See you all soon.

From team members:

I have had a great time in Africa. The people in Malawi are very nice and it is very fun to be around them. I had a good time watching the BMW students eat donuts for the first time. It is so fun to play games with the orphans, but it makes it challenging that they only speak a little English. All the people of Malawi are very generous and kind. I wish that someday I could come back to spread the gospel another time.

– Cayge Sinnett

We shared a meal with the BMW students and served them doughnuts. It was so amazing to see their reactions to (most of them) their first sweet treat. Being here in Rumphi has challenged a lot of us spiritually. We have come to rely on God more than we ever have before. To see these people with hardly anything, but who have joy has taught us that we don’t need the newest phone or the best clothes to be happy. All we need is God, the giver of life.

– Aspen Conley

Wawa! All is well here in Africa! The weather is interesting, freezing one minute and hot the next…the bathing situation has taken some getting used to, but other than that I’m doing very well! I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the BMW students here and getting to play with the orphans in the evenings. The well drilling has been doing okay. We’ve had a few problems, but now we’re back on track to hopefully hit water in a few days. I’m having a great time here, but I can’t wait to get home to share about my summer. I miss you all, and I’ll see you in a few weeks!

– Love Caity Via

Malawi is wonderful! The well is going great! We got to eat a meal with the BMW’s here, and the weather is great. Hasn’t rained yet and nobody is sick! Having a great time!

– Anslie Yoder

Africa is awesome. I’m still alive. I love the water runs we do and drilling, exploring the woods around our campsite, and playing with the kids and everything else. So yah!

– Leah Jeffery

It is so sad to think we only have a week left in Malawi. Through my time here I have learned many things from my teammates, leaders, the Rumphi BMW students, God’s beautiful creation, and our devotions. I am sure I will continue to be impacted by this country and for my team for the remainder of our time here. 1 Corinthians 15:58 has really shaped my time here, and outlined one of the most valuable lessons I have learned; doubting God and His will. We serve a sovereign and mighty God that knows exactly what is best for us. So I have no reason to question anything, but to serve Him in everything to the best of my ability for the remainder of my time here and ultimately for the rest of my life.

– Lydia Fitzgerald.

Mwaukauli? Muli uli? (Good morning! How are you?) We are doing great here! The drill is great, we started drilling the 6 inch hole and we’re almost at water. Last Night we ate supper with the BMW students. It was awesome! We made them doughnuts. It was so cool to see them eat something fried and sugary for the first time. We got to help them set up the OC (obstacle course) for their Boot Camp. It’s really fun. Learning small pieces of Chtimbuka (local language) is very cool. In short, everything is going great, we are excited to be here, just a little bit anxious to go home.

So, yowowa eewa lindizga! (speak to you later)

Nathalie Yoder



  1. Hey Beaver and Michele and fam.
    It has been good to hear snatches of what is happening with ya’ll. I have been praying for you and trust that all is well there. We are enjoying a nice summer day here with about 1/2 of rain to finish off the blessing. It has been a workday here, with Jesse’ s here for the weekend. We worked on some of my things this time- like painting the front door- which meant sand blasting the paint off since it was a metal door and it was rusting. Now Ben and Jesse are back at the pond doing some weedwhipping.
    Eric and Yolie just got back from their yearly trip to Kansas. It seems that everyone had a great time. They are enjoying traveling so much more that they used to. I was the desigated babysitter for the week, so I kept Cherry who is Sean’s bird and also Max the dog. Max was in my good graces for the first pa
    rt to the vacation, but then he fell from grace! He kept digging holes in my flower bed, and also ate 2 holes in my cushions on my wicker fjurniture. With these 2 faults, he earned a placein solitary confinement. He was sad, but I was happier.!
    We are looking forward to he Yoder get together in Aug. I am so glad that you will be home for that event. Esther is planning some fun things and we should all have a great time. It seems that most everyone will be there but Chad and Jenny, and Glenn’s.
    We are looking forward to hearing about your summer. Blessings to you and we’ll see you soon.

  2. Praise God for the Malawi #1 team and the prayed success you are having with the Malawians and the BMW students and the joy you all find in the Lord and each other inspite of some obstacles.I am so thankful as a mother and a Christian that my daughter has chosen to serve God in the selfless manner.God promised that if you train up your children in the way they should go,they will not depart from it.Never give up on your children and pray,pray pray for them.

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