Haiti enjoys a day of sightseeing and shopping

Time is going quickly, counting down the days until we go back to Florida for debrief! We are all ready to go but not ready to go at the same Haiti 2014time, leaving the kids will be hard, but we all want to see our families, and have a nice hot shower! (We all need that). The girls would like me to tell you all that they feel like gorillas, because many of them are not shaving… Lovely I know… Yeah, we have an interesting team that is for sure! At least now you know what to expect when you see them all! The weather here has been hot and humid… Every day! We have not had rain in about a week now, even though they say it usually rains every day in July, we have been blessed with not as much as expected. The work project is now moving a bunch of big rocks, moving sand, and clearing up a building that will eventually be a dorm, and to continue to do the presentations every night. This weekend we have the English classes, and we are hoping to do a presentation for a nursing home sometime before we leave. We also are really happy for this weekend, the rest is definitely needed by both team members and the leaders.
Some exciting news to share about this past week! We had our sightseeing day yesterday! That was a really fun day of being out and about in the country of Haiti. Whoo! We started the day off really early leaving the orphanage at 5:00 A.M. in a big ol’ bus, first destination, the Citadel! It took us about an hour to get there, and another 10 minutes or so to get started on our trip up to the Citadel. The trip up was quite the adventure as we took horses up! Some people were bigger than their horses… But those horses sure have strong hearts! (The little engines that could). Going up in the early morning was relaxing and cool, and the sights were incredible! Green lush tree’s, beautiful mountains, and a wonderful light breeze. Some of the horses were faster than others (of course), with some of the guides getting them to race each other, the team members loved the horses, it was a unique experience, though… Nicer saddles would have been welcomed for sure, but, we can not have everything we want I suppose! A fruit tried by many the “Soursop fruit from the Graviola tree” tastes so good. A new favorite fruit of many, sadly, it is not found in the states, but it is a tasty fruit for sure! The Citadel was a sight to see for sure, up high in the clouds we were able to see many different Haitian towns, and the Caribbean sea. The fortress was huge! We all enjoyed the time there and the history behind this building, many pictures were taken, and it was a great adventure for all, I’ll leave the rest of the details up to the kids to tell everyone when they get home so I do not ruin all of it. We also were able to barter a lot at the bottom of the citadel, many kids bought flutes, wood carved items, and many other unique Haitian souvenirs for themselves, for friends, and for family. After the bartering we went to the beach for a nice swim in the Caribbean, and a time at Fort Liberty, which is pretty beat down, but it used to protect Haiti from oncoming pirates. The kids loved the time swimming, and collecting seashells, and beach glass. After the beach we finished off the day at a hotel with a Haitian meal prepared for us, including pasta, chicken, fish, goat, and many other foods! We all enjoyed this time, and then, we were able to go swimming in the pool! Such a refreshing time, (cleanest the team will be until debrief probably). We praise God for this time and are now looking at finishing up our time here in Haiti.
God is good. He has protected us thus far, and we are praying for safety, energy, endurance, strength, and joy as we finish off our time here. Your kids look forward to seeing you, and are excited to know they will be home soon. Those who have not done a web testimony will be doing them over the next couple reports, so all parents will hear from their kids! All the kids do say hello though, they miss and love you all!


Belle Collins:
    It is hot here y’all! Through the mist of the heat and work we have learned a lot. God has shown us to love and bond with each other more and more. We have had an amazing relationship with our team members and leaders. Talking about the leaders, we have also have been getting closer together, their cooking and amazing leadership! Haiti is amazing! Our work lately has been slowly down, but hey we got to hang out with the kids more! Every weekdays we have a presentation for the kids. we sing, dance, and play with them everyday! An amazing work the Lord has been doing is through the Haitian kids, everyday I experience them singing the songs we have taught them. The Lord is good!
Abigail Ward:
     Haiti has been great and really hard. Overall it has taught me so much. Teaching me to be grateful and selfless. It’s also made me appreciate my family, I miss them more than anything!
Trinity Davis:
    Haiti has been really hard, but it has been a real humbling experience. My eyes have been opened to the kids with nothing, the abusive lifestyle, and especially the darkness here. But my favorite part is seeing the smiles on the kids faces when we sing or seeing the Creole kids sing our songs in English!




  1. Another great report…glad you all got to experience some FUN things for a day…that’s just what you needed. God is good….He’s taking good care of all of you. Bless you for all you’ve done, team….I, for one, am very proud of all of you. Have a great week ahead. Prayers continue…

  2. So glad Team Haiti is having fun, and working hard. God is good!

  3. Prudence Franklin

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  4. Great to hear from you, Belle! Awesome picture too! We got your letter yesterday. Madelyn was so excited! Have fun and shave those pits. Ha ha. See ya soon!

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