Mongolia arrives safely

The Mongolia team arrived safely this evening.  We wanted to thank all the friends and family who gave us commissioning day goodies.  We have been able to stretch them out for the past week of travel.  Many team members can still be found 24 Mongoliawith a fruit snack or granola bar when we’re traveling.  The team enjoyed the short 3 1/2 hr flight from Seoul to Ulaan Bataar and we’re pleased that all of our bags arrived with us. Tonight we are sleeping in the apartment in Ulaan Bataar which Teen Missions owns.  On our bus ride here we had the opportunity to drive through the middle of Ulaan Bataar and see the night life of the Naadam Festival, which is the largest annual festival in Mongolia and has been going on for hundreds of centuries.

Upon arriving the team discovered that we will be running a Boot Camp while we are here. The team was excited and instantly began laying claim to different duties like piggy, Mr. OC and class teachers.   It has been a few years since Teen Missions put on a Boot Camp in Mongolia and the local youth are excited.  Tomorrow morning we will travel out to the site of the Boot Camp.  The site is just open land so we anticipate setting up a kitchen, latrine and Boot Camp obstacle course.  We are excited because we have a very hard working team and there will be plenty to do these first few days.

As you can guess, there will not be any internet availability while we are at the Boot Camp, so please forgive us if our reports and not as regular as we would like.  We will try to come into town two times a week to send our reports, but it appears that transportation may be unreliable.

Please pray for the team as they begin to set up for the Boot Camp tomorrow.  The team members will begin to arrive on Monday morning and the camp will be 10 days long.  Pray that the team will remain healthy and work well together.


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  1. Praise God!! My prayers are with you all, may the Holy Spirit anoint you and bless you all. …be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9 <3 🙂

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