Mongolia update

Our journey to the far East began earlier this week but already God has given us opportunities to be “His witnesses” (as he says we will be in Mongolia 2014Acts 1:8) during our travel.  Multiple times were stopped in the airport in Orlando by fellow believers in Jesus, being asked what we were doing and even being prayed over by several people.  While on the airplane one of the stewardesses talked with Erin and myself very extensively about our team and was so excited to see such a well behaved group of young people and wished us blessing as we minister.


What a delightful time our 2 days in Korea has proven to be.  Arriving at the airport we were warmly by our missionaries, the Shin Family.  Checking to make sure that all our luggage arrived (which praise God is all did!) we loaded into a bus and began a 2-hour drive to the city of Choenan.  Stopping along the way we had a traditional Korean meal.  The team enjoyed the savory meal comprised of steamed chicken; cold Chinese cabbage soup, rice and spicy Kimchi!


Moving from one cultural experience to another we spent the past 2 nights sleeping on mats in a typical South Korean Condominium building.  The condo that we spent the night at is about a half-hour drive outside of the city surrounded by the beautiful Korean country-side.  The sun woke us up early, around 5am, and the view from our 8th story balconies was truly beautiful dotted with houses, churches and lots of traditional Korean agriculture.


The team has spent days resting, doing Bible studies, personal devotions, and starting GG’s.  We were also able to scout the location for the English camp we will be running when we return in two weeks.  It all looks very exciting and we are all looking forward to returning to South Korea in a couple of weeks!


We send this email from the Airport waiting to board our flight to Mongolia.


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