Old West at Arches

We received a phone call from the Old West team. There is no internet where they are at this time. 25 United States

The Old West team had a great trip across the Rockies and is now at the beautiful Arches National Park. It took a little longer than planned getting over the Rockies, but they have arrived and are excited about doing evangelism. Thank you for your prayers for safe travel so far.



  1. Do you have any updates from the Old West team?

  2. Awesome!! Cant wait to hear how they do God’s work.

  3. Praying, praying, praying.

  4. This morning I had the privilege and the pleasure of meeting some of the group that was here at Arches National Park. This Teen Missions group were very welcome guests at the Moab Community Church. All were so very polite and respectful, warm and, well, just wonderful examples of what young men and women should be. I was pleased to meet Jacob, Jeremiah, AJ, Richard, Sean and the group leader Sean (or is it Shawn?), and a very happy young lady who’s name was pretty, but has also slipped my mind-my apologies. All of these teens would be welcome back at our church, or in my home, at any time. I will keep them in my prayers for the rest of this present journey, and the journey that will last the rest of their lives. And please tell Jacob, thanks for the hug. God’s love go with you, and “May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.” Randy K. Edmonson

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