One week of camp completed in China

Dear Family & Friends,
Well we have one week of camp under our belts and one more to go. It’s hard to believe how quickly this summer is flying by!  The theme of 03 Chinacamp this summer is “Take Me to Your Leader”; the purpose is to develop leadership skills in the campers as well as sharing the love of Jesus through our actions. The campers are divided into six different teams (Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North America & South America). These teams compete in different competitions as well as receive points for good teamwork and leadership shown. This first week we had 45 kids whose ages ranged from about nine to 16 or 17. Our team members really got attached to the kids during the week that we had together. There were also some great friendships formed with the Chinese counselors.
One thing we’ve really enjoyed during camp is the delicious authentic Chinese food we get a chance to sample. We prepare our American cuisine and there are Chinese cooks who prepare food as well and we set it all out like our own little version of a Chinese/American Buffet. It’s fun for the Chinese kids to try our American food too, especially breakfast. We have found that a typical Chinese breakfast might include: cabbage in vinegar, or cucumbers in soy sauce, or basically any leftovers from the night before, tofu, potatoes, kung pow chicken… On the other hand, our typical American breakfast can be very sweet: pancakes, coffee cake, oatmeal… It’s a fun cross-cultural taste experience. 
Many of our team members have been given Chinese names, so be sure to ask them about the name they were given when they get home. Some of the Chinese kids have fun and interesting “English names” as well. Tower, Tiger, Darling and CoDog (Cool Dog) are a few of the more unusual ones.
Well, Wednesday afternoon each team had to decorate their counselors for an “opposite than beauty” contest.  Wednesday night we had a talent show with different teams and individuals performing. Only the teams were included in the judging, but Wesley sang & played guitar for a song he had written, Clara sang a beautiful Latin piece, Will, one of the Chinese counselors, did a Kung Fu demonstration which was really cool to see and Austin sang a Phillips, Craig & Dean song.
On Thursday we had an epic water battle, and I mean epic. We had water balloons, buckets, umbrellas (as shields) and even catapults! The South America team (with Austin and Hannah as their leaders) was the winner. Thursday evening we had a lot of fun around a campfire and everyone enjoyed making S’mores.
Friday afternoon the parents came and the kids got to give them a little presentation of what they had learned and what their week was like. Then there were a few tears shed as we all said goodbye.
Now our team has a couple of days for R & R after our crazy week as well as catching up on some of our Bible classes before the next batch of campers arrives on Sunday afternoon. We are looking forward to another week of making wonderful memories.



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  1. Thank you so much for these wonderful updates. It means so much. We appreciate the time you have put into making such a well written update. We know Nathan is having the time of this life!

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