Preteen Malawi sends greetings from Africa!

Greetings from Africa! We were blessed to arrive safe and sound at the Teen Missions Chipoka Base. The team was feeling very tired and 10 Malawislept well their first night. The next day it was doing so much needed laundry and unpacking. After the hot weather of Boot Camp the cool mornings and evenings of Malawi are wonderful! Last night team was able to hear the BMW students in Malawi sing. Of course we did a song for them as well! It was their first performance in Africa and they did very well! Yesterday the team was able to go to one of the Orphan Rescue Unit near the base and play with over 80 kids! The team is looking forward to spending time at the unit and shining the light of Christ. We are so thankful for this chance to lead your children to Africa! Thank you for your prayers! The Malawi Preteen Team.


  1. Morgan Capener- I am having lots of fun here. The flight was very long, and it took awhile for everyone to catch up with the time difference. Yesterday we saw a Chameleon, it was really cool. I can’t wait until we start working.
  2. Ensley Brogan- So…. it all started when I took out my passport and gave it to the man, and I knew there was no going back! When I got to Africa I loved it right away, my favourite part was riding in the truck to the base. The people here are really nice and seem to like me. Some parts are harder than others and I miss my family, but it’s been fun and it’s worth going through all the hard stuff, just to be here and help these people.
  3. Samuel Ok- Teen Missions is a fun place to be! We got a chance to see the kids at the rescue unit and that was really fun. We played games and sung a few songs for them. They really seemed to like us a lot. I saw a chameleon, it was green. On the bright side I didn’t get a personal Special Blessing!!! We had no problems with our luggage when we got here, so that was a blessing. 🙂
  4. Semaj Mosely- So far I have had a great time here. We saw a Chameleon right there on the base. We have seen a bunch of goats and chickens as well. The food here is really good, Malawi is an amazing place. I thank all of you who supported me. I have made a bunch of good friends so far. I can’t wait until we get to play with the children again.

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  1. Hello to Michael and all his team members,
    It was great to hear that all is going well. We have been praying for you. Michael, did you remember to take your malaria pills? I sure hope so!
    The cool weather sounds great. It has been cool here in Wisconsin, too. Are you taking lots of pictures? Have you had a chance to see any sunsets? We really liked seeing the team photo. Keep up the good work and stay healthy. You are in our prayers.
    Michael’s grandma

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