Brunch at Hope School

Today the staff of Hope School gave all of us a t shirt with the school name in English and Arabic   They also had bread with Israel 2014olive oil and za’atar and Palastian sandwiches. We walked into Beit Jala to the bakery, had a tour of St. Nicolas church and had a coke at the Boy Scout building. Boy Scouts are very big here. Kids had a great day.


Note: On the Hope School website they have a more detailed description of the brunch with a few pictures.


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  1. Nelson & Gina Salazar

    I can’t help but repeat myself… We are so very grateful for these updates and pics of the team. It is wonderful to see what a blessing they are and how the school is being blessed by their hard work as they serve. Bless all of The Holy Land Team, we thanks The Father for their LEADERS. Shalom!!!!!!!!!! Praying in faith as always. 🙂

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