It’s been a good week in Israel

It’s been a good week. Mail came the other day which put smiles on many faces. We have been practicing our singing to Israel 2014prepare for our sharing time at church tonight. The team is excited to get to share again. We were so surprised to find a feast for us following the service last night. There was so much wonderful food and the church members then drove us back to the school. We are so thankful for the fellowship and worship we enjoyed with the congregation at The Local Baptist Church in Beit Jala was fabulous. There are no uprisings or political unrest in our area, and everything is pretty quiet here.  Sometimes we will hear sirens. Today we continue work on the walls of the laundry/storage area. We are also able to start some work in the garden area at the restaurant site which is located near the entrance area of the school. We took a couple pictures this morning before starting work…the team is having a good time and there is much silly chatter on the work site this morning. Our plans are to continue the walls on the laundry facility and do what we can to help with the garden area.
Bailey Brouwer
Thursday night we went to the local Baptist Church in Beit Jala. We attended their evening service and they asked us to sing 5 songs. After the service they had lots of hors deurves for us and we had a good time eating and talking to the believers in Palestine. I felt very encouraged and blessed by their act of hospitality.



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