Indiana at three county fairs

We are very excited. We attended our first Saturday night rally at TTT. We found out that we completed 863 surveys at 3 Indiana 2014Indiana 2014Indiana 2014county fairs. Out of those surveyed we had 66 decisions. PTL.
Also at the rally we were entertained by a local band called ” Frontline 365″. It was a very blessed evening. Tomorrow we are going to two churches, the BMW students are going to one and we are attending another. After that we are invited to a local farm for some outdoor fun…swimming, and they are going to feed us supper.
The weather here has been very nice with just a few rain storms but nothing to slow us down.
We have three more fairs to go to this week and looking forward to see what Jesus is going to do. PTL.
Please continue to pray for us and what we are doing at these fairs.
So far in Indiana we have been having Bible studies about the armor of God and how we can use the armor of God in the fairs. We have devos everyday and group devos which is where we take out our Bibles and learn a lesson about the Bible individually or as a group. Shortly afterward we have library time which is where we read books about missionaries of God and what they did. After that`s all done it`s usually 2:00 when we go to the fairs and we are doing great on the Indiana team. Jordyn



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  1. I am so proud of you Team Indiana! 66 souls! That is amazing. And all the seeds you have planted, God will water them. Love you kids! And Jordyn, your hair is beautiful. I love you baby girl!!

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