Australia prepares ground for new chapel

The past few days the team has done an incredible amount of work getting the ground ready for the new chapel. They’ve Australia 2014Australia 2014IMG_0989worked ten hour days and levelled BIG truck load after truck load of dirt and clay. The site is almost level and should be ready for concrete by the time we leave here.

This Sunday we had an amazing opportunity to attend a branch of Hillsong Church in Noosa, Australia. It was a great service with, of course, amazing worship and an excellent message. The church blessed our team with free milkshakes afterwards (which were delicious!)

Web Testimony #1

Kangaroos during devos, giant spiders in our dorm rooms, bugs and snakes and drop bears galore. Let’s face it, Australia is unreal. However, I think the best gift I’ve received from God since I’ve been in the Great Down Under has been my team. They are truly incredible and I know that we’ve all forged life long friendships that a kangaroo cannot disembowel and a spider cannot scare off. I love them so much and I thank God for having such amazing plans for team Australia. Katie Sinclair

Web Testimony #2

It is great here in Australia. Kangaroos are everywhere. I’m so grateful for this team, they are growing every day. I was in the evangelism group a few days ago and we handed out flowers and asked people if we could pray for them. It was great! We got to talk to so many different people. I can’t wait to come home and tell my stories. Caleb Davis



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