Greetings from Mangochi Malawi! (Malawi #2)

We have settled into heart of faith orphan rescue unit. Anthony and Margarette Masantche are the facilitators here and 10 Malawithey are hosting us. They have one and a half old twin baby boys.  Pumping our own water for the first time was an experience. Many women from the village were there so the wait was long. About 40 or 50 children were there watching us also. We pumped water for the villagers including an old man on a bicycle.  The village children also helped  pump our water… The team did hand motion songs with the children…  it turned out to be a great presentation.  We attended church yesterday morning and Steve was asked to preach.  Harmony and Emma gave testimonies during the presentation. We have been blessed with a really good singing team. In the afternoon we walked to the main base where the team and Bible school is located.  We gave another full presentation for the Sunday school and neighborhood kids…  More than 200 we guess…  Today we are working at the rescue unit repairing the pavilion floor and digging post holes got a much needed fence…  The weather has been cool…  Last night was clear and the stars were awesome!  We saw the Southern Cross, some fast moving satellites and some shooting stars. The moon rise was very cool…  Thank you for your prayers.

Malawi is a beautiful country and I’m so glad I get to be here! There is never a dull moment in the day which has made the trip go by extremely fast. My favorite part is having all the children around. They’re constantly following you around, helping you carry things, and gathering in crowds just to stare at us. Everyday is full of stories that I can’t wait to bring home. While getting water a little girl tried to show me I should carry my bucket on my head and I told her I didn’t know how. She laughed for a long time about that. Then a little boy around eight years old saw me struggling to carry my bucket and he came and carried it on his head like it was nothing all the way back to the Rescue Unit. Yesterday while I had a crowd of people around me a lady handed her baby to me over the crowd and wanted me to take a picture of her baby. I did and showed her and her friends the picture. Never in my life have I seen someone smile so much over a picture they didn’t even get to keep. So much has already happened and we have only been in Malawi for less than a week. I’m excited to see what the second half of the summer brings. – Heather Lex

Hello! Today is the fifth full day we have been in Africa! Malawi is such a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. On the eleventh we got to go out and play with the kids for about thirty minutes. It was the most amazing experience. We had church on Sunday and it was way different. But it was new and cool at the same time. Whenever we walk anywhere we have about 50-100 kids or more walking with us. We went to the Mangochi base and did our presentation with two dramas, songs and puppets. They loved it so much. I also got to hand out clothing to them from the container. When they got down on their knees to take it from me it broke my heart. Today we took out the cement at the Rescue Unit where we are staying and we are pouring concrete to make it stronger. When we are inside the Rescue Unit, there are kids looking at us all day till it gets dark. It’s really sad and also feels weird. I’m not as homesick now and I’m having fun but I also can’t wait to see my family and friends too. I can’t believe it is only 28 more days till I see them and 21 days till we leave Malawi 🙁 Hi mommy, daddy and Wyatt! I love you guys so much! – Alex Phillips


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  1. This is the first message I have found from 2nd boot camp Malawi team. Thank you for the update. I never found anything that said you arrived so this was nice to find today. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers until you are all safely home in your own beds. You are a blessing to the people. Enjoy everyday. The Lord is with you.

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