Hello from the countryside of Mongolia!

Hello from the countryside of Mongolia!  Although I didn’t think I’d be writing so quickly, I was able to find a ride to town so I Mongolia 2014Mongolia 2014Mongolia 2014Mongolia 2014wanted to update you on the progress of the Mongolia team:
It didn’t take long for each and everyone of us to fall in love with Mongolia!  Although our time here has been short we have been very busy throughout.  On Saturday morning the team rose early and went to the cargo container where all of the Teen Missions supplies and boot camp supplies are stored.  We unloaded the container and packed the needed supplies into the back of a truck.  It was amazing how much we could fit into that truck, we looked a bit like the Beverly Hill Billies 🙂  Then we returned to the apartment and met a 2nd truck which carried all of our luggage, we brought 32 duffles with us, and we squeezed into a small bus for the drive out the Boot Camp location.  The drive took us about 2 hrs, as the roads are very rough and muddy and we had numerous river crossings just to get to the camp.  We were unable to have the camp at it’s usual location because the weather has been abnormally wet this year and we were unable to make the final river crossing.  Upon arriving at the new Boot Camp location the team quickly got to work at unloading the truck, digging pit toilets and setting up our Yurt which houses our kitchen.  It was nearly dark when we were finally able to have dinner ready, tents set up and our toilets dug, but the team was excited to see what they could accomplish in such a short time.
The Teen Missions staff and volunteers have been so warm and friendly with us, it has been such a blessing.  Yesterday we had the opportunity to worship alongside the Mongolian Boot Camp volunteers along the river here.  It was beautiful and amazing to sing alongside our Mongolian brothers and sisters in Christ in two different languages Praising the same God!  Ryan, our head leader, had the opportunity to preach and there was a time of testimonies from both the Mongolian and US team members which was very moving.  They have prepared many wonderful meals for us & the team is loving everything they are making!  Last night we had the opportunity to enjoy Khuushuur, which is a traditional ground meat pastry that is deep fried similar to a meat pie, which is popular during Naadam.
We are excited and a bit overwhelmed at the amount of work that needs to be done just to set up the Boot Camp, we have already decided to put off the arrival of the team members by a day because it is impossible to have everything done, but we are certain by this evening the Obstacle Course, Big Top tent and team member tents will be set up.  The people here have been so amazing and gracious.  We are excited to work alongside some wonderful and faithful believers who have a passion for the youth of their country.  The team members are praying for the opportunities that they will be able to have as they help train the Mongolian Team members.
I wish I had the words to describe the beauty of God’s creation that the team has been able to experience while we’ve been here.  The Boot Camp property is located in a valley surrounded by lush green grassy hills.  The weather has been cool, which was a been a wonderful relief from the hot & humid temperatures of Florida, although most team members have needed to pull out their warm sweatshirts in the evenings.  The camp is nestled near a small river/creek where we are getting all of our water (we are filtering our drinking water) the team members are loving doing their devotions and library reading time next to the river.  From our camp we can seen 2-3 Gers (Mongolian Yurts) and it is not uncommon to have a herd of cattle or horses walk through our camp.  It is amazing to see the men and young boys come riding through our camp on horseback.
-Please pray this week for the Boot Camp, as it begins on Tuesday.
-Pray that the US Team Members will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading as they interact with the Mongolian team members though daily activities, teaching classes and running the OC.
-Pray for the teams health, although we do not have any illnesses yet, we have a few sore throats and dripping noses, from the temperature changes and long travel.



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  1. Gracemarie Peters

    Love, love, love the updates. Thanks so much! Was looking at a map of Mongolia. Would love to find you by satellite map. Where are you as compared to the town of Ulaanbataar?

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