Malawi Preteen Update

We have begun our project by clearing 3 meters in from the road of all grass and vegetation. Our tools consist of garden 10 Malawirakes, spades, flat shovels and a gulling tool. This is the dry season and the soil is hard and dusty. Each person is assigned a 2 wide by 3 meters long area to clear. We take regular water breaks and as needed. As our team works one team member is always in the prayer closet. The prayer closet is essential to all our services to the Lord. All the team members pray for a half hour each throughout the day. Some of the prayer requests are for our team, for each person on our team, for the mission – Missionaries – Bible School – Aids Orphan Rescue Units, travel, safety, set up of new bases and Bible schools. Everyday we begin with prayer. All the team members pray as we do everything throughout the day. Pray is essential for the team. Every day the team members will learn a Bible memory verse. On sunday afternoons we do a verse review and have the kids quiz off against one another. This helps cement God’s word into our hearts and mind. Our first Sunday our team drove to a local church, Kingdom Gospel Church. They had an average attendance of 40 people. We shared in song, puppets and testimonies. Two of our Former Team Members, Claire Wadman and Amanda Kraus, gave their testimonies. As they finished Amanda felt the push of the Holy Spirit to give an invitation to those who wanted to accept Christ. A lady with a baby strapped to her back came forward. She knelt and accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. The pastor officiated . WHAT A PRAISE!!!!! We left the church rejoicing and giving God all the glory.

Everyday we walk to the Melissa Foster a OSC Unit to play with the 80 – 120 children. We sing songs, perform puppets and choreography. The Orphans are always so happy when we arrive. Our team enjoys playing games like soccer, duck duck goose and even jumping rope with them. The Orphans are always so happy when we arrive, and our team enjoys playing with them. They are so open and full of life, they are a joy to be with.

This week we will continue cleaning the ground so that we can plant our trees. The weather this week has been cool, which is perfect for the work we are doing. Please continue to pray for us as we continue the Lords work here in Malawi.


Reports from the Kids:

  1. Amanda Kraus

    This weekend our team did a while lot of fun things. On Saturday we went to the unit and the kids were not there because the kids had to work longer than usual being a Saturday. So we went back to the base and played games. We played games such as bucket race (we sat on the buckets and hopped to the finish line), and we did a relay race and we would walk 3 steps then crouch down and jump up and say “WOOHOO” all the way to the finish line. We had a lot of fun. On Sunday we got to sleep in until 6:30am and then went to Kingdom Gospel Church. There we performed puppets and sang a few songs. Then Claire and I did presented our testimonies. ONE WOMAN EVEN ACCEPTED CHRIST!!!! Our team has been a great assistant to the Lord so far and I can’t wait to see how He will continue to use us this summer. ( I love and miss my family and friends please keep me and my team in your prayers).

  2. Jack Davis

    This past week has been a blast. On the 13th of July we went to the Kingdom Gospel Church. It was an amazing experence when the woman came forward to accept Christ after we sang and 2 of the former team members gave their testimonies. I really enjoy going to the Rescue Unit to play with the kids, last time I just walked around saying “WaWa” (which means hey in there language) and the kids loved it and followed me around wanting to play games. I can’t wait to go back again soon.



  1. wawa Jack Davis i miss you buddy it is so different with you playing minecraft with me you are in my prayers every night before i go to bed love you jack


  2. Hello Amanda,

    I am so proud of you and your love for our Savior, The Lord, Jesus Christ. My prayers are with you and your team, I know you will continue to do God’s will, he is BLESSING YOU RIGHT NOW! Always, remember God is holding you in the palms of His Hands, he is always leading, guiding and protecting you. I enjoyed your testimony and especially when the lady gave herself to Christ. Keep ministering to those in need of the that special Love of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We miss you, stay safe, enjoy Malawi… see you soon!

    Many Blessings,

    Dotti Wynn

  3. wonderful to hear things are going so well, I’m praying God blesses and watches over each and everyone of you. Miss you Morgan and Samuel love and hugs Grandma

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