One more week left in Haiti!

One more week left in Haiti! Time has flown by for us here. We are all definitely looking forward to the air conditioning in 06 Haitithe airport, and in the dorms that we will be sleeping in during Debrief. It has been VERY hot here, so the coolness will be welcomed for sure! Things are just getting finished up here for the rest of this week, tying up loose ends in regards to work, finishing it all up! We have moved a lot of rocks over the past week, gravel, and sand, and more than likely for the rest of the week we will be cleaning up the church building. Yesterday, (Sunday), the team held the service for the church on the compound, we did several songs, dramas, and we  did puppets, the team members did fantastic! The drama’s are especially powerful, the cage drama was very impactful, Jack, Grace, Ellie, Brooke, Abby, and Rachel did this one and did a stupendous job. Then the head male leader (Bob Martin), gave a sermon, and was asked by his translator to come speak to the kids at his school on Wednesday, because he liked the sermon so much, so that is a blessing! We also had English classes over the weekend, and had a nice time of relaxation, bible quizzing, and verse memorization. Tomorrow we will be doing a presentation for a nursing home, praising God for this opportunity, and praying that we impact the people there. This may be our last presentation as the evening ones we do with the younger kids are now over. Prayer would be greatly appreciated for this opportunity we have to share the gospel to this elderly folks. Parents, your kids said to say hi, and that they love you! They are looking forward to coming home and seeing you all, you are missed dearly! Thank you all for the prayers, continual prayer for energy, endurance, patience, love, safety, and wisdom is greatly appreciated. God bless!
Robert Franklin:
    Haiti has been very fun. I enjoy the kids and the teenagers company very much. God has done a lot in these people’s lives and mine, and I can not wait to see what is in store for us these last weeks. (Hi mom)! (:
Tye Allen:
    Shoutout to the parents of me, Tye Allen: I Implore you on behalf of my personal food foundation, I have some requests for food when I get home! An apple crisp, a liter of cookie dough ice cream, and pancakes would be great. But otherwise everything is going great in Haiti, can’t wait to see yalls in 2 weeks.





  1. Tell Belle we love her and are praying for her.

  2. Prudence Franklin

    My son Robert mentioned that God has done a lot in the lives of the Haitian people and in his. I could not ask for a better testimony. God is great! Blessed is his name!
    Let’s continue to pray for their ongoing impact and safety.

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