Opportunities to minister in the Philippines

Friday we went out to another community to do evangelism and hand out bread and juice to the kids. The guys on our Philippines 2014Philippines 2014Philippines 2014Philppines 2014team had fun playing basketball with the kids. In the afternoon the team was back at the church mixing and pouring concrete for a sidewalk and building the frame for a roof above the benches the built on Thursday. They all worked so hard Fernando let them off work fifteen minutes early.

Saturday the pastor set up some tarps over the yard to give us more shade. We invited our neighbor kids over for games, songs, puppets and snacks. The children love practicing their English with us and everyone is always surprised when our team members tell them how old they are because they are so tall compared to the Filipino kids their age.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to the mall, along with half of the population of Tacloban I think, because the city shut off power to all homes and businesses, except the mall, to do repairs. So we enjoyed a little air-conditioning, ice cream, shark fin and other treats. We had supper at a little restaurant in town with air-conditioning. Yes, it has been extremely hot, extremely humid and extremely sunny! At least our clothes dry faster than at Boot Camp!

Sunday the team shared songs, a testimony and a drama at the church here. They did a great job! Connor Henderson led the children’s church program. After lunch a few of the boys went for haircuts. (It was only $1!) We spent the afternoon hanging out in the shade reviewing our memory verses. After supper we had fun quizzing girls vs. boys.

Monday morning the team worked hard mixing and pouring a concrete sidewalk from the back of the church to the classrooms and nailing down a tin roof over the gathering place.

Thank you for your prayers for our team, we are having a great summer full of ministry!

From the Team:
God has been presenting many opportunities to minister to local people who have been affected by the typhoon. Going into village-type communities and interacting with the people and children there has been great. Both ministering to them by praying with many households and interacting with the kids like on Friday playing basketball and providing them with bread and juice. It’s been a blessing being able to spend time with these people and getting to know their story. The team is striving to be a blessing to them as well.
Dylan Nickolson

On Sunday we did a presentation for the church we are staying at and I think the people were touched. Ahrissa did her testimony about straying away from God. The drama “The Cage” pretty much went along with the testimony. It showed that we can get caught up in our sin and that God is the only way to escape.
David Baldwin

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  1. We are proud of our grand daughter Ahrissa and her willingness to step out of her comfort zone to minister to these people overseas. She’s a fabulous young woman. We are all waiting to hear about her experience from her. We know this will change her forever.

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