The Honduras team has loved spending time with the children

The Honduras team has been working hard leveling a floor to pour concrete on. They have also been digging a ditch and 20 Hondurascollecting rocks to build a wall. Aside from work they have had a few opportunities to get to know the children of the orphanage and today they began the VBS which will run from today until Thursday for two and a half hours each afternoon. The Honduras team has loved spending time with the children here at the orphanage. The team has played soccer, gone on a walk, and went swimming with them. They have been practicing their Spanish and have received a lot of smiles and laughs. This week the team is spending two and a half hours each afternoon running a VBS for the kids. They have been planning games, songs, Bible stories, dramas, puppets and crafts. The kids here are a good match for the team’s energy. In addition to spending time with the kids the team has continued construction by leveling a floor, picking rocks and digging a ditch for a wall. They have grown a lot closer as a team and are leaning on each others’ strengths.

Everyone is healthy and eating lots. The leaders have loved watching the teens take initiatives and work so hard on their projects. Please continue to pray for safety, creativity, and spiritual growth. God is working and we appreciate your prayers!



While at Teen Missions I’ve been learning about how to share the words of Jesus to unbelievers and about ways to serve him. God has really guided me through this experience and whenever I am working during the day I keep my focus on serving God an it helps me to work harder and to know I’m working for a good reason. I have grown a lot spiritually during this tie. I have also had a lot of fun and have enjoyed becoming closer with my teammates and have enjoyed growing as a team spiritually. I feel God has been doing good works and I thank him for this amazing experience.   – Gavin Pedder

It’s hard to get along but we are getting better. Travel was nice and I got to know my team better. I really like playing with the children. Also, we don’t know how good we have it over in a first world country. We need to be thankful to God for what we have.    -Luis Wymore

On my Teen Missions journey this year I’ve come to love my awesome team. I also learned that time is precious and life will never go easy on you so get use to it.   – Alana Wiggins

Throughout the past few weeks God has been teaching me ways to control my emotions against my very awesomely spiritually challenging team. There are lots of different personalities and spiritual people here that God has placed  in my life to help me grow. Being on the field an seeing how others have to live in the world has given me a new outlook on life and I would like to encourage everyone to go to another country that is more poor than yours. It will change your life as it has changed mine.    – Cody Humphrey

It has been such a wonderful experience getting to see God work not only in ourselves but in each other. I have been so touched to get to work with the orphans and adding onto the orphanage. When things get hard I remember that I’m working for God. This has helped a lot of us to stay positive. One of my favorite times is team tie because we sing and get closer as a group. The Lord is doing wonders in our lives as well as the children!   Jesie Lawson





  1. larissa pingley

    im glad to hear everyone is doing good in Honduras. I spent my last mission trip in Honduras so I know about the heat, but if u want to make a kid happy bring out a soccer ball. they love soccer!!!!!! I hope everything goes well in Honduras!

  2. Whole team is in our prayers. They appear to be doing a great job, and learning a great deal. Elisa Owens and Simi’s Papa

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