The wind turbine is up in Uganda

Our time here is quickly coming to an end.  We are seeing the progress and completion of our projects and that is so Uganda 2014IMG_9315Uganda 2014exciting to see.   The wind turbine is up and spinning!  We are just waiting to here if a man here can find the right comtrol panel for us so that we can hook it up to the battery bank and then be able to provide lights and power for the base.   We all praised the Lord when we saw it finally start spinning.   The “squattie” toilets are set in the bathrooms and the western toilets are going in today.  The courtyard is filled and now that the rains have let up and the ground is dry, we can continue to level it.  We are installing a new gate at the front of the courtyard that will be much wider.  We are pouring columns to reinforce the wall and prepare for the gate.   We have had several evangelism opportunities  last week.  We played soccer at two different schools and attended a warm and friendly church on Sunday.  The pastor spoke very good English and preached straight from God’s Word.
Here is an exciting story from the weekend:  As we walked tot he Coca Cola store to get a drink, Renee was stopped by a Muslim man.  He asked “why are you not fasting”  (It is Ramadan here)  She replied, “Because I am a Christian.”  He said he wanted to be a Chrstian, too.  We shared the Gospel with him and our leader Codi explained further to him.  We prayed with him and he received Christ as his personal savior!!!!  It’s amazing that the three of us led a Muslim man to Christ during Ramadan.  (The second for our team!)   GOD IS SO GOOD!! (From Alisyn)
The team is doing great and everyone is still very healthy.  We have become very attached to many of the children here and it will be very hard to leave at the end of the week.   I know there will be many tears shed.
Alisyn shared in team devos last night and Irelynn shared the night before.  Alisyn talked about Daniel and the Lion’s den and being bold in our faith.  Irelynn shared about what it costs to follow Christ.
From Braden:  The past month for me has been the best of my life.  I have really noticed a greater passion and need for the Lord in my life.  Serving the children here, we never realized how totally blessed we are. to live in America.  Our time here has flown by and I don’t want to leave.  God has blessed our team and our work here and I’m so thankful for sending our Uganda team to serve HIm.
Please pray for our safe journey on Friday.  It is a 15 hour truck ride back to the base in Jinja.  It will be good to be reunited with our new friends there.
In just a little over a week, we will be back in the US!  Time here has gone too quickly!




  1. Hi Mindy! Just want to let you know that we have been praying for you and your team. Your dad told us about this website to see the progress going on. Wow wow wow. God has really moved through all of you. What a blessing you are to the people there. I’m sure you’re felling the blessings right back. We will continue to pray for safe travels home. God Bless you all.
    In Christ Love,
    Mike & Pixie

  2. Braden Demark and team….I’m so proud of you guys and have followed every post. Even though we haven’t received a letter from you guys in Africa, these updates make my so happy to hear how God is using you! I’m so sad that you’ll be leaving the kids/orphans and people of UGANDA because I know they have been blessed by you there and will be strengthened in their desire for Him, but happy to finally have you back, in 2 weeks from today, to hear all the stories of how you allowed God to use you these past 2 weeks! Love you all, Braden Demarks mom

  3. I am so glad to hear the hear the great work that has gotten accomplished. I miss you Esther and hope and pray all is well. May God continue to bless the team’s work. Rom. 10:15

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