Myanmar in Gwa

Whew! We have safely arrived in Gwa after MANY long hours of travel.Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014

We all had a Myanmar 2014 imagegood time after Commissioning at our party. We want to thank all the parents for the tons of goodies you sent. After the party, the team stayed and put away the chairs and the plywood. We slept till almost lunch the next day. After lunch, we had devotions and started organizing our things. Then we went to the Demos’ home where we enjoyed swimming in the ocean along with pizza and salad (Thank you!!!). Afterwards, the Youngs took us out for ice cream!

Monday morning we did our laundry and in the afternoon we packed out. After dinner and a time of prayer, we headed off to our air-conditioned dorm rooms. Early the next morning, we boarded the bus to the Orlando International Airport for our flight to Chicago. While in Orlando, most were able to get a fast-foot treat. We flew on to Chicago for a short layover before boarding our flight to Hong Kong. The 14 1/2 hour flight was a killer, but most were able to sleep. We had another short layover in HK before boarding our flight to Yangon. We were met by our missionary, Naing, and we loaded up our gear for the guest house, arriving around 2:30 AM. Again, we all enjoyed our AC rooms. On Friday, we boarded our vehicles for the 7 1/2 hour bus ride to Gwa.

We are now here in Gwa. We are staying at a “Guest House”. We have rooms with a community bathroom and shower. We are the only guests. The electricity is sporadic. There is no internet. It is VERY hot and humid with frequent rain showers.

The town officials have not let us start our project. At first, they said that we couldn’t even visit the orphanage, but later relented. The team went to the orphanage yesterday afternoon and played games with the kids. It didn’t take long for the team to lose their hearts to these precious kids! Today (Sunday), we walked to the orphanage and enjoyed having a Sunday service with the kids. They sang for us and we sang for them. Rylan gave a great message. Nevada and Maddie B. also shared. We then walked home for lunch. After lunch, the orphans came to our home and we all went to the “beach” on the Bay Of Bengal. We had a great time with the kids.

Parents – You have raised some amazing kids. We are so encouraged by their flexibility and positive witness. We wouldn’t want to go through this experience with any other team. It has been tough, but we are all growing through this experience. We KNOW this has not taken God by surprise and we are excited to see how God is going to expand our influence broader than we had hoped for.


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