Only three more days of camp in China

Dear Family and Friends,
It’s hard to think that we only have three more days of camp. The campers that are here now are much older then the ones 03 Chinawe had the first week. They are able to communicate with us more because they are more advanced in speaking English. The team members are doing the same tasks they were assigned to the first week and feel much more confident in their ability to lead. Friday is our last day of camp and I know the team is not looking forward to more goodbyes. As we bring our time to a close here in China I wanted to share some stories from the team members. Please continue to pray for us as we minister to these kids.
“Nihao (hello)! China is feichang (very) amazing. I ai (love) the culture, and everything about the Zhong Guo ren men (Chinese People). I bukeyi (cant) wait for the trip to Beijing. Womende (our) English camp is going feichang (very) great. I don’t xiang meiguo (miss America) at all. The kids shi diaobaole (are very cool). Zai jian (goodbye).” –Andrew Boger.
“Being here in China has opened my eyes to things I take for granted everyday. Sharing the kindness that God gave me could not only brighten their day, but be the only love that they are exposed to. Each day is a new chance to change someone’s life, and being here, seeing them, has helped me realize this. Dispite the language difference I have felt so connected to some of the campers and staff that it was like we were a big family. Everyone is so kind and loving, and I wouldn’t want to spend my summer anywhere else.” –Rebekah Singh.
“I really love being here in China. Being in charge of basketball in the afternoon enables me to become friends with them. I love being a counselor because I am able to have good talks with the girls in my dorm as well as with the Chinese counselors. Everyday is very fun and usually better than the day before. I love it here so much and wish I wouldn’t have to leave.” –Emma Thomas
“My first time experiencing JJ Camp in China has taught me so much. I have learned so much. I have learned so much from working along side the Chinese volunteers and the children attending camp. My experience teaching English has been an adventure to say the least. They are so eager to learn even though they are shy and timid at first. It is amazing to see them open up and really grasp something that we are teaching them. This summer in China God has been giving me a deeper love and appreciation for his children wherever they may be.”- Leah Hems
“Hello from China! There are many things to report on but for the sake of time, I’ll just write about Evergreen (the organization were are helping). The first thing to write about Evergreen is the people. Greg, the camp director, is an amazing guy in pretty much every way. Between him, the rest of our team, and the Chinese volunteers we can overcome things that aren’t going smoothly with a smile. The other thing I would like to mention is the kids. The campers that have come through have all been truly fantastic. They are so enthusiastic, and seem to always see the best in things.” –Clara Raske
“ China is absolutely amazing! I love my job as a teacher. It can definitely be a challenge, but it’s so rewarding to read the students’ journals about how much they love class and that they learn so much. One-on-one tutoring is also super fun! Half the time, we have no clue what each other is saying, but we laugh a lot and make the most of it. They love it when I try to say Chinese words, and I totally mess them up. Though we can’t always understand each other, one thing we always understand in a smile. I love getting to know the campers, and it will be so hard to say goodbye. This really has been and incredible experience.”- Hannah Welch.
“China has been such an amazing experience. Joy in the Journey camp has such an amazing testimony and has so much love for the Chinese kids. All these kids that I have met here are such a blessing and I love them all so much. I have been a counselor for the past two weeks and these kids here have taught me to have so much love and kindness because that is what they showed me. All the people at this camp are so kind and loving and I am blessed to have worked with them all.”- Veronica Bisson.
“The people, food, sounds, and adventures in China are life changing. One of my favorite experiences was our bike ride to the lake. We went up and over mountains, picked up our bikes and walked on narrow ledges on the sides of flooded roads, and swerved to avoid pot holes that were EVERYWHERE! The kids spirit and teamwork made everyone smile and I feel like I’ve never laughed so much before. I am extremely grateful to be here in Shan Xi and excited to tell everyone at home about more of our adventures!”-Amanda Milley.
“I love China! This trip has been great! We get to wake up and work with kids and teach them English. The all really great and it’s been extremely fun. I can’t wait to go to Beijing and see what’s in store for us there.” –Colton Carde
“China is so cool! I have made some awesome friends! The food is really good! The camp and kids are awesome! The days are long and fun! I will never forget this trip.”- Danny Hillman
“I have enjoyed China. The first week was crazy. We also had a lot of fun. The 2nd week was less crazy, but had more fun. I am learning a lot here in China. I also have pretty good leaders.”- Preston Troyer




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  1. Sounds like this opportunity has been life changing for everyone. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers!!! PTL

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