Today has been yet another eventful day in Ireland

Today has been yet another eventful day.  The fisherman offered to take us out to Dalkey island which the whole team Ireland 2014Ireland 2014thoroughly enjoyed! It was about a 15 minute boat ride using 5 different boats. The island was beautiful; we saw an old Roman church as well as the remains of a British gun tower. We spent two hours on the island, it was a nice relaxing time for the whole team. Last Saturday we did more evangelism in Dublin, the team members had a great time talking to people and doing their dramas,  songs and puppets. We had a crowd of about 30 watching the team perform battleground. Wow God is so good. Yesterday at church we performed some new songs and some puppets for the kids!  The team has been doing great! The team was also given the blessing of presenting for kids at an AWANAS program!  The kids loved it,  especially the adapted Koppopo where we use a backpack instead of a chair. Aidan, Darby and Kyle do a real good job at this particular skit. We closed with the laughing song, funny enough it was the parents who laughed more then the kids.

We are now in our final stretch, with 4 more work days the team has made it a point to finish strong, the crew working the wall did a fantastic job! And those filling the tipp, just about filled it half way in just the morning portion of our work! The projects are going according to schedule,  we will be fully with both projects by Friday, if the Lord wills it.
 We had Wayne (the fisherman who took us to the island as well as the guy who did the bbq for us), he sat in on our GG’s and night devotions. He really likes the team and the team loves him.  We all want to see him accept Christ.





  1. Hi Jodi I hope ur having a good time! ur in my prayers … I love you Jodi I miss u lots ! Keep strong serving the Lord I know he’s helping you !

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I hope your having fun in N. Ireland

  3. Clarence Martell

    It’s great to hear how much you are all doing to praise God over there! Sound like Wayne is a great person and we will pray that your love for God rubs off onto him:) so proud of all y’all! Be safe coming home! We miss, love you and pray for you daily:)

  4. Collin Alexander

    It sounds like everyone is working very hard. I look forward to reading the updates. Ive been told that Ireland is very beautiful this time of year. Keep up the good work. You are all in my prayers!!! To my boys Zackary and Josh ” I miss you both”.

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