All is well here in Rumphi, Malawi. (#1)

Hello parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, friends, and whoever else is checking up on the Malawi team – thanks to an amazing God, I again come to you with no terrible news! All is well here in Rumphi, Malawi.

Our typical daily routine has continued to be carried out with water runs, chapel, water runs, morning devo’s, drilling, water runs, library reading time, laundry, water runs, a meal here and there, water runs, and water runs. On Sunday however, we took a day of rest from running the drill and decided to spend part of our free time with the Rumphi BMW students teaching them how to play Ultimate Frisbee. In return, Edward, a student at the base, gave the entire North American team a lesson on how to make “seema”, the Malawian staple food. Maybe the team can now take over the kitchen and give myself, Raewyn, and Mrs. Michelle a break!

Our last Sunday service in Malawi was held at the small village church where Mr. Beaver preached and the team gave a presentation filled with songs and a wordless drama. This church has a grass roof that will be replaced by a Teen Missions team soon to come. Even though this church seemed to have nothing, they still blessed us with an abundance of lettuce – what they do have is God’s love. We were all so encouraged and motivated by this!

The Malawian’s here get extra loud on Saturday nights, and our team was able to finally join in on the experience – it turns out, those living at the base end their week with a Vesper’s service! It was so much fun to be a part of and our team most definitely enjoys the African way of celebrating a productive week. We were even able to serve the bases first ever chocolate cake in honor of Mr. Steven’s (part of the TMI Rumphi staff) birthday.

Nearly everyone on the team (leaders included) is feeling bittersweet about leaving “the Warm Heart of Africa” on Thursday. Our time here has flown by, and as much as we miss friends and family at home and the comfort it brings, some of us may miss Malawi even more.

Thanks for tuning in; we could not make it without your prayers…keep them coming! Oh, and I love you Mom, Dad, Loren, and Libby! Say hi to whoever else I miss for me!

Assistant Leader,

Abby Monroe

Malawi has proven to be a warm-hearted country with people I havHe grown to love. The morning chapel’s with the BMW students and staff have been the highlight of my week. Building friendships with the Malawians through games of volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee has given me many opportunities to learn about the culture here and laugh over my terrible pronunciation of Tumbuka phrases. When it comes time to leave this new community of friends, I know there will be many teary goodbyes. Until then, my goal is to make the most of every opportunity we have to share Christ’s love with the people here.

-Rebekah Scoville

I love Malawi so much! My team and leaders are awesome. I hope that I will be able to come back to TMI next year. God has shown me so much through this trip.

-Nadia Hershberger

As our time in Rumphi comes to a close, I am really learning so much from God through the BMW students and everyone here. Once again, I am struggling to be content with what I have. These people have nothing, and are on fire for the Lord. It has been so hard to not complain about everything; the schedule, the food, disappointments with the drill rig, weather, team conflicts, etc. As I have been reminded of by my head leaders “To much that is given much is required.” Since our team is heavily blessed, I have to remember to do what God has called me to do here, without complaining for his glory.

-Joel Harbin

As I write this, I feel very disheartened that my time in Malawi is almost done. After so much time here, I feel at home. God has worked in me, and in this team, and I am so grateful I had this opportunity. The BMW students here have taught us so much, spending time with them and the orphans has been a highlight for me. I am in love with Malawi. But the thing I will miss most is listening to African singing in church. Words cannot give this trip justice.

-Teagan Bowie

We have just a few days left here in Rumphi. The children and the BMW students have been the greatest friends. We have had some of the greatest moments worshipping with them. I spent the evening spinning around the volleyball court with the cutest children ever! Leaving is going to be so difficult, but I can’t wait to get home and see my family. This trip has made me love my parents more than I ever have! Next stop, Chipoka!

-Liana Escue

Just a few days left and the Rumphi base finally feels home-like. The BMW students are incredibly gracious and friendly and even taught us how to make nsima, a Malawi food staple. During the days here our team works on the drill (which God has shown His power throughout. It’s almost done!), and in the late afternoon we play with the kids who come for school. There’s 10 Malawiabsolutely nothing on earth like holding one of these children; they are so content to just cling to us and gaze at us “azunus” (white people) with wide eyes. But one girl who can hardly be 8 leaves the base in the evening as the mother hen to several toddlers and an infant and guessing it’ll be dark before they reach their home. There’s nothing quite like that, either, but in a totally different way. All through this trip, trusting Jesus has taken different shape and a new meaning, but at every step He’s proven Himself over and over. So thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray!

-Grace Cornelison

The last couple weeks have gone by fast, and slowly at the same time. The people are very patient while we learn their names and some of their language! The moon the last couple of nights has been amazing! We have been to 3 different churches over the last few weeks, all similar, but unique in their own way. There have been interesting experiences the last few weeks and there will be plenty stories when we get back to the US.

-Gwendolyn Sveum



  1. Beaver and Michelle and girls– we have missed you and are praying for you! Enjoyed reading the updates! Yolie

  2. So greatfulfor all the wonderful young missionsairies who have given up their summers to be of help and hope for the glory of God.I am so thrilled to be able to read the good newseveryday and seewhat God is doing in these young hearts.Raewyn I miss you sssoooooo much,but I know thatyou are having blessing after blessing from the Malawian people sharing the gospel.See you 2 weeks from today and counting.I will continueto pray for all of the team for safety and good health.God bless each of you as you prepare to make your way home.

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