Zambia gives medical and eyeglass assistance

The team provided medical and eyeglass assistance at the Wangibasha Unit on both Monday and Thursday.  We also 15 Zambiacompleted the construction project (plastering the exterior of the facilitator’s residence).  We were granted the opportunity to minister at the Funda Unit on Tuesday and Wednesday.  In addition to medical and eyeglasses assistance, the team evangelized to adults and children with a few accepting Christ into their hearts and lives. The weather has been in the upper 70s in the day and lower 40s at night. We are really enjoying it! So far we have seen 25 people come to accept the Lord as their Savior.

On Wednesday and Thursday about half of the team were fortunate to teach classes at the Wangibasha Unit.  McKaylin Darsey, Rose Williams, Justin Sharp, Rachel Profio, Mara Seat,  McKayla Patrick, Cort Baynon and Stephanie Pohl taught the local kids key subjects to include:  English, phonics, math, and science.

We will be transitioning to our final Unit in Zambia (Mibende) on Friday.   We  hope to reach more people with God’s love through evangelism, reading glasses and medical assistance.  It is our goal to keep the team focused on the mission during this final work week.

Thank you for your prayers.


While on this trip to Zambia, my relationship with the Lord has really grown.  Through the past couple of weeks we have not always known what the plans were for the next week or even the next day.  This was really hard for me because I am one who likes to know what is going on.  This uncertainty about each day’s plans has taught me to trust in the Lord and He will provide.  The people I have met here have shown me how fortunate I am.  I am now extremely grateful for simple things, a fire, warm water, a bed, all these things that I took advantage of .  Playing with the orphan children here has given me a new appreciation for my family.  All those times I argued with my mom about doing the dishes or laundry seems so pointless to me now.  I should have been grateful that I had laundry to do, or a mother to tell me to wash them.  However much I enjoy it here, I do miss my family and wish them love.  Katherine Sharp

God has taught me so much during this trip.  He’s given me a fire in my heart and a love for the African people while also showing me the need in my own country.  I went to Africa with a concern for Zambians but I’ll go home with a burden for America.

Wynter Hilbun



  1. Carolyn Robinson

    I love hearing how God is using you and about growing heart lessons.

  2. Dear TMI Leadership,
    Thank you for your faithfulness. I can hardly write and express my gratitude with a heart overflowing with love. God is good and reading this report brings me to my knees. Thank you thank you dear brothers and sisters. Celebrating the goodness of Abba.
    ~ Beth Profio

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