Buenos Dias! from the D.R.

Buenos Dias!  We can hardly believe that today marks one week of us being in the DR.  Two camps have come 19 Dominicanand gone and another has just begun today.  This property comes alive when you add a couple hundred children to the mix!  There are times when the noise of people and music combined is so loud that we have to yell to be heard.  We joke in leader’s meeting that when we return to Debrief, the other teams will have to remind us to use our “inside voices” because we will be so use to speaking loudly to be understood.  I long for my cordless microphone from Drama class because I am losing my voice!   Saturday night, we took the team into town to let them buy a teenager’s favorite: junk food.  Some felt a little out of place because all of the Dominicans around openly stared at them.  The store merchant was happy, I am sure, because they cleaned his shelves of pretty much everything.  He was slightly overwhelmed to say the least!  On Sunday, we went to a local church.  We sang 5 songs and performed the Drama, “Colors”.  Evan Dean gave a Bible lesson as well.  Three children came forward to receive Christ when an invitation by the Pastor was given.  It was very exciting to worship together with our Dominican mates and to see lives changed in front of our very eyes.  I love how lively they sing…it was so much fun!  We are hoping to do more presentations this week during the two camps that will be here.  400+ people will have come and gone by the end of the week.  Please pray for The Lord to fill us with His joy to give us strength!  On the work site, the team has poured about 5 yards of concrete, which is about an area 40′ long by 10′ wide.  They have gone through about 35 bags of cement.  They are hard working and very motivated, although we are continually reminding them to pace themselves and drink, drink, drink so that they stay hydrated.  Until next time…

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