Cambodia on the Circuit

Outside of Kyaugta Mou, TMI Base02 Cambodia

On July 10th we traveled 25 kilometers to visit the the Trophangtrosok Village located in the Preymul Commune.  We spent the day in the village and surrounding area.  We did one presentation to the village and interacted with several family groups.

On July 11th we traveled another 25 kilometers to visit Trophang Village located in the Krovan Commune.  We spent the day at the village.

On July 12th we visited Krangbrosvay village located in the Svaychrum Commune.  We spent the day at the village.

On July 13th we attended church at the Tropeang Kravan Methodist Church.  It was a great experience for the team.  The church is lead by a Korean pastor, Rev. Kim Sun Jung.  He is a missionary through the Methodist Church and has been in the area for  13 years.  Church attendance is about 200 and ages ranging from 5 years old to some adults.  It is filled mostly with children, it reminded me of our MSSM ministry.  They are really reaching the kids in Cambodia!!  The kids really enjoyed the singing with almost all the songs containing actions to the words.  The bible lesson was reinforced through out the presentation, reciting back many time the word of God, so the kids would hide it in their hearts.  Each age group was in straight rolls to the back of the church and of course separated by boy and girl lines. Very organized.   

We are hoping to visit three villages on Wednesday.  It will be with Pastor Mormsao, he want us to visit, Thnal, Ocheun and the Samobkkril villages. He would like us to do a circuit in his area where there is not an active witness of Jesus.
Web Testimony
Jacqueline Riopelle
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

I’ve read this verse a thousand times, but I never really understood the depth of truth behind it until I came on this trip.  I remember, when in my second week of boot camp I crushed and cut my leg it hurt like crazy while I was thinking about the wound and my foolish fall, but when Katy, Mr. Shonn, Kyle and I were cracking joes and laughing about it, I almost forgot it was there.  Even after while I was limping around boot campmy self=pity and inward complaints helped not a bit. but when Kyle , after my return to the team, commanded sternly that, “No on tell any motorcycle jokes…. because they leave me in stitches!”, I almost punched him (but I restrained myself), yet even his lame joke worked better then any medicine and made me feel my leg fare less. Now that we are in Cambodia I’ve found that same rules of joy apply to more than just pain. Even as we do our programs, there is such a huge difference in how well we do and how much the kids get into it and enjoy it, if we do it with joy as opposed to grudgingly with complaining.  Physically, it also affects us, words can’t express the pleasure of digging a hole, burning trash, or man handling the not too light motorcycles, when eveything works together cheerfully and willingly, but when the hearts of the workers harbor bitterness or unwillingness then the task is a hundred times harder.  This trip has taught me the reality that stands behind the words, “The joy of the Lord is our strength”.

Kyle Guyette
Things have been great here in Cambodia!!  and by “things”, I mean the things of God.  Despite the harsh physical environment we face here, the Spirit its more active than it ever was in my life. Most of my life I’ve focused the better portion of my attention towards my physical comfort. This trip has taught me that God’s leading is far more productive and profitable to be focused on. How much easier and exciting is it to energetically share the gospel with children when your heart finds joy in the gospel?  Praise the Lord, it’s a great deal more.



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  1. Hi Team,

    It is really great to hear how many places you have been able to go and how many lives you have been able to touch. I believe the Lord is working on those families heart and yours hearts as well. There is one team member we have not heard from back here in the states… Alayna Culp. Maybe she could post a testimony before she leaves Cambodia and heads back for the states. We would sure love to hear how the Lord is working in her heart as well!

    Enjoy your last few days in Cambodia team, and all of us parents will be eagerly waiting on our little missionaries to return safely with wonderful stories of how God has worked in Cambodia!

    Safe travels and may God Bless your work there in Cambodia!

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