Howdy from the Old West Team!

Howdy from the old west team! We would like to first apologize for the lack of reports sent in. This is the first day Old West 2014we have had any Internet service since arriving in 20140712112937_IMG_2932Old West 2014Old West 2014Old West 2014New Mexico. Utah was amazing! The team really started to come together as a team and help and respect each other more and more. They have been growing together not only in friendship but in Christ and we are looking forward to see how much more they will grow in the weeks to come. They had opportunities to hike the different trails of Arches national park and hand out tracks to the different hikers and campers they meet. The one thing we can definitely say about Arches is that it is HOT! High 90 most of the time.  They have not had an opportunity to do any presentations yet but we are hoping to have one soon here in New Mexico. We got to go to a very kind church in Moab where the sermon was about how we have opportunities to be leaders for the youth of today. It was wonderful to be a part of a great church for the day. We left arches on Monday morning on did a bit of sightseeing on the way to vanderwagon new Mexico. We got to stop and see monument valley that was made famous from some of the movies which John Wayne starred in. We also stopped and visited four corners which is where four states, colorado, utah, Arizona and new Mexico meet. It was next being in four states all at once. We made it here in Vanderwagon late Monday evening and found out we did not have to pitch our tents because they have dorm rooms available for us. This is a great blessing because there has been rain every night since we arrived. The team was eager to start work right away and found  where the tires were for the building of Mount Sinai. They are pulling the tires out of a muddy canal and we’re covered with branches and sticks. So far there has been no signs of rattle snakes, but we believe one will be seen pretty soon. It has been nice for the team to have a work project especially when they know that the project t is in preparations for a new Navajo Boot Camp. We thank you all for your prayers and praise the Lord for his continued blessings and protection over the team.


Utah is a wonderful and beautiful place to go. I loved climbing and going on the trails. I had a chance to speak to speak to someone and he was happy about a young team going out and doing evangelism. The water for our bucket baths were super cold and I miss that warm lake water in Boot Camp. I feel like all the team members are getting along more and bonding together. Everything is going well. I love pulling out tires and I really want to see a rattlesnake, but our leaders hope we don’t. I have been reading in psalms in my devotions and learned that I should be more than k full for the things I have and praising god more.

Joe Stubbs


In Arches National Park I got to see God’s craftsmanship in the rocks and also noticed how much graffiti was on them. It made me think of how much humanity has turned away from God because they destroyed something so beautiful and jow much we focus on worldly images. I really enjoyed staying there and seeing the parts that weren’t vandalized. The bus rides were long but worth it and I am up to verse 27 in my 40 verses to be memorized. Work here in Vanderwagon is strenuous and tiring, but fun at the same time. I am glad to be a part of the beginning stages of a new Boot Camp. The Lord has taught me that hard work really pays off because the work here is for the future generations and I hope they will enjoy mount Sinai as much as I did at boot camp.

Trevor Cummings




  1. Randy K. Edmonson

    Great Pics! Thanks for posting these, it’s so fun to get to see the group after meeting them here in Moab. This group, and Teen Missions, have been in my prayers daily. May God bless you all for your work. Randy

  2. Wow sounds like they are doing great… Very proud of AJ and his team…. Keep up the great work

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