Cameroon teaching classes

The team has started to work with the Boot Camp here at the base! We have split all of the team members off into 18 Cameroon four different teaching groups based off of their skills. Natalie, Levi, Haley and Jessica teach all of the music classes each morning. Jessica plays the guitar beautifully, Natalie is the song leader, Haley sings a lovely harmony and Levi is the strong male voice. They are teaching the Boot Camp here all of our motion and worship songs. Our team members are doing an amazing job at being patient and loving as it can be frustrating teaching the English words. They teach the classes at the bottom of the base on the field. All morning the whole base can hear everyone loud and beautiful voices praising God’s glory. Katy, Janelle, Rachel and Amber are the Phonics teachers. At Boot Camp they each excelled at our own Phonics training classes so they are very successful here! They prepare their lessons ahead of team. Their students are learning English
so quickly the girls have to keep making the lessons harder and harder. It is truly a rewarding experience for the girls and their students! They keep the students interested and motivated through games and creative lessons plans that make the subject of Phonics exciting.
Hannah F, Mady and Barbara have been working in the Boot Camp kitchen making all of the national meals. They are all quite the cooks. They should have an extensive knowledge of Cameroonian food by the time they get home!

Today Emily and Gabe are kitchen patrol. Gabe has become an expert dish cleaner so he is excited to show off his scrubbing skills at home! The team has also been motivating Gabe and Janelle to try the different national foods and fruits. They was a bit suspicious at first but they’re loving it now! Emily has made the cake for desert and it is absolutely delicious. Nik, Jake, Cameroon, Hannah M and Justine are the games teacher. At Boot Camp they stood out as being some of our most outgoing team members so they are the perfect teachers for the classes. After the second day of teaching they ran out of games so they spent some of their free time creating their own. Our own team members even love the new games! We spend our evenings at the boot camp’s rally’s. The team loves them because the worship time is exciting with the drums, loud voices and song movements.  The worship time here is really inspiring the team to be more passionate and on fire about
their faith. Every night the team performs a drama or puppet show. The first night we did the “color” drama. Jessica, Cameroon, Janelle, Levi and Emily did amazing in the performance. Their theatrical sides are coming out more and more every day.  The next night we did a puppet drama. The choreographers were Natalie, Justine, Hannah F and Barbara. However in the middle of the performance the music player stopped working. Natalie saved by the performance by singing the music herself!

Last night Levi, Nik, Barbara, Rachel, Cameroon, Justine, Hannah M performed the “Battlefield” drama. It is a team favorite because of its intensity. They did an absolutely amazing job. Even the team members that were watching got chills from watching. Afterward one of the drama teams here requested that they could learn the drama from our team before we left.

Ms. Bella, Mr. Matt and the Mahers are all enjoying our time here. The team is such a blessing to us because of their willingness to learn and work.

Every night a different team member shares what they have been learning this summer so far. It is a really great time for the team members to be able to speak out about their spiritual walk with the Lord. The team is all growing closer and closer as they grow closer to the Lord. We are all focusing on our weaknesses and strengths in order to better ourselves for God.

Tomorrow we head to our first rescue unit to start the foot-washing mission. It will truly be a memorable experience. The team is all mentally preparing for this. They are all learning from the Bible studies what a blessing, privilege and opportunity it is to be able to serve people through out faith in the Lord. We appreciate and thank you for all your prayers back home!



  1. Hello! this is Jessica’s Grandmother (B). First, let me say how terribly proud I am of our entire team! And the sacrificial service of the team leaders! My husband and I have been through team leader training, (and it’s no cake walk!); have enjoyed the BLESSING of having each of our four children, and now GRANDCHILDREN, venture Into “the outermost parts of the earth” for the sake of Christ. What a thrill it is to see you each “catch the fire”, and choose to set aside comfort and personal gain for the call of a God who is most worthy of your service! I applaud you! I pray for you, and I want you EACH to know that you are not simply impacting the Cameroon people, or each other. Your testimony (not even just the words you use, but your growth and passion) will affect your parents, siblings, schoolmates and neighbors. You will come home with your own experiences and memories, of course. But more importantly, you will come home with a mission to bring change to a country that is in desperate need of you; of what you have to give; of what you have to say; and of a voices/voices that r so annointed to be compelling witnesses to a lost people here as well. We need your songs, your joy intact (my sweet Jessica), you perfoing arts, your games, even your servitude in “becoming less” as you wash the feet of weary-hearted souls! What a God/blessed, and God-ordained mission you serve! I would so love to be by your SIDE right now; to experience what you are about to see and hear in the days ahead! But I AM here, and I
    I am praying God’s annointing, and his blessing of Shalom upon each of you, and I pray you will forever see the world differently, seeking how God might use you in “Phase Two” at the end of this journey! (I LOVE you, my Jessica!!) and God is well- pleased in each of your hearts!!!

  2. Wonderful to hear of the great work that you are doing for the Lord………it is wonderful to hear of the team’s unity and the blessing you must be not only to each other but also to the Lord……..don’t forget to have lots of fun in the process……………

  3. Have you tried spinach and peanut butter? That was one of my favorites as a child!


  4. Rebecca Benjamin

    So good to hear what’s going on! Oh God, continue to use these teens for Your glory and continue to work in their lives and they work in others!

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