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As mentioned in our last report, CEF is hosting several camps this week.  In keeping with the VERY DR 2014DR 2014DR 2014DR 2014generous nature of the Dominican people, we were invited to eat all of our meals with each camp while they are here.  The food has been so good and such a welcome treat.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner the Dominican way…who could ask for better!  It is so nice to be able to experience the food culture of the country.  Smaller breakfasts and dinners with giant lunches is how they eat their meals.  Obviously, most of our team enjoys lunch the best because it is so big!!  We we’re ask to perform two dramas during one of the evening camp sessions.  Aleyna, Callie, Zak, Seuraya, and myself performed “Colors” and Cody, Chris, Olivia, Emily, Lia, Anastasia, and Evan all performed “Battleground”.  After each one, the watching children would yell out for us to do another one.  Hopefully we will get the opportunity to do another presentation at the next camp.  We have been asked to do a presentation at a local church tomorrow night at 6pm…be praying for us as we share the Gospel Truth with all those with ears to hear!  Brianna and Zak have fallen on good fortune today.  They are on KP (kitchen patrol) on a day when we need to buy some groceries, so they have trekked off to town with Jamie and Callie (our in-house translator) to get our needed supplies.  I am sure they will also find any treats they are hoping to gather to themselves as well.:).  The weather is hot, and it hasn’t rained for days, which we are pretty happy about.  Our teammates have started comparing their farmers tan lines amongst each other almost daily.  Mike still wins every time.:).  The project is moving along smoothly despite the heat and laborious task of mixing concrete in that heat.  Good things are happening, and we are thankful for the fruit The Lord is giving us as we endeavor to serve this country and its people.

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  1. So good to hear the updates of how things are going and to see pics too. Thankful for the children who attend and especially to know that God is faithfully working in the hearts of those He is calling to be His own! We miss you Lia and can’t wait to hear all about it.

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