Ecuador Update

Hello to our family & friends,
Today the sun is shining & the wind is blowing off & on.  It is a little cool, but hoping it will warm up by the afternoon.
Tuesday was a work day at the base for the team.  The team has been working on finishing up the new obstacle “5 D’s of the Devil”, getting the tent site ready for boot camp tents, painting & fixing the fence around the tent sites for Boot camp.  Alex & Andrew served KP on Tuesday.  We had a lot of fun especially when Alex made a funny comment while Miss Kim was drinking her tea.  Yes, tea came spraying out of her mouth.  The boys love it so much they decided to try it again, but Miss Kim was on her guard.
Wednesday was a work day in the morning & presentation time in the afternoon.  The bikes are still under repair, so the team along with Mr. Chris, Mr. Eric & Miss Celeste walked down the road to a village one & a half miles from the base to share the gospel.  Around 40 kids showed up for the presentation.  Dean & Seth loved being able to interact with the kids & share Christ with them.  The hike back up to the base from the village was all up hill.  Bada commented on changing the name of the team from Ecuador Bike to Ecuador Backpack. Matt & Berea learned from the trip to the village, that we are so fortunate to live in America, with all the stuff we have, that we really don’t need.  We are very blessed.  KP today was Garrett & Darin.  Even thought they didn’t get to go to the village this time, they enjoyed the quietness of the team being gone.
Thursday is another work day for the team.  Jeremy & Faith have KP today & have been a great help with breakfast this morning.  Joelle, Rachel, John & Kym are setting up tents for the upcoming boot camp.  Abraham, Elijah, Parker & Travis have said they are learning patience as they work on various jobs & learning their memory verses.
The team’s health has been wonderful, just a few sniffles, but nothing major.  We have been blessed with great health & wonderful weather.  It is hard to believe we only have 13 days left here at the base.
Please continue to keep our team in your prayers.  Below are some testimonies from the team members.
Team testimonies: What has God shown you since you have been in Ecuador?
Josh (aka Cheese): When I was at home I didn’t really care about my family, but now I have been gone, God has shown me how important they are to me.  I’m going to appreciate them more when I get home.
Silas: I know God has sent me here for a purpose, not sure exactly what that purpose is, but I know He will show me before we leave.
Payton: God has shown me devotion time is very important.  I’m learning a lot of things to help me with my walk from the “Keys for Kids” devotional I read every morning.



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