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Goals and future plans are for us to continue laying block to as high a level as we can in the time we have left. Work on 05 Guatemalathe building will end at noon on next Tuesday so the tools can be cleaned, inventoried, packed and locked up for next year’s team. There was a guest speaker from Honduras at church last night and she gave everyone in attendance little flags as a reminder to pray for the children in those countries. The team did a presentation as well. Team got home from the service about 9 pm.
Edward Kennelly writes: “I have learned that being a Christian requires a full commitment to Him and it is a constant walk with Him. At my school they say I’m a Christian if I accept Jesus as my SAvior. They say that the Gospel sharing is very important but to be saved you just have to believe not so much walk with Christ. I have been learning to put Him first but I have some difficulties of Rick and Roll and Star Wars by putting them first. I”m trying to figure out how to change it. I love the people here, the devotions, and when I sing the papaya song.”
David Kennelly writes: “I have really enjoyed the trip. I’ve loved almost all the aspects of it but I think the best and probably the most important part of it was or is the 30 minutre devos in the morning not to belittle the rest – it’s all important, but I grew spiritually because of the devos.”
Kylee Oswald writes: “Since being here I have changed. Seeing the poverty really changed the way I looked at my lifestyle. I”ve had time to delve into the Word and learn to enjoy and comprehend it. Being here I’ve also learned a lot about myself. My mistakes in the past have been exposed, and I want to change for the Glory of God. All I needed was a little push.”
Katerina Oswald writes: “Since being in Guatemala God has really been convicting me of numbness. How I often just go through the motions. I’m comfortable with my normal life, but God is calling me to be bold. The not shy away from sharing His wonderful message. Psalms 32:8 has been a big prayer of mine. He wants me to trust that He will lead me.”
Joshua Nelson writes: “Since being here in Guatemala, I have found that there is a lot more to life than video games, tv, and hanging out with friends. Before I came I was not in God’s Word at all. I have come to appreciate the time w/my Father in the mornings. I am very thankful that God provided me a great team and a good staff of leaders to guide me through the trip as well as through my walk with the Lord. I have made many a friend here and I look forward to the next years and more that we will be talking and remembering the work God has done in us and in Guatemala. Thank you to all the leaders for your unfailing love and support. I appreciate it.  🙂   Con Amor, Josh Nelson”
Morgan McGowan writes: “We’ve had amazing few weeks getting to know each other in Guatemala and al the people we get to serve by starting the addition to Nuevo Reto.”
Mariah Raines writes: “Since coming to Guatemala I have learned that spending all your money on one day is a bad idea, it’s possible to burn spaghetti sauce, and eggs are really good. All joking aside, I have learned many things that have helped me grow closer to God and have a lot of Christian based goals for when I go home. Mariah”
Maxx Boyd writes: “Guatemala is amazing. We have accomplished so much in the little time we have been here. We have become close with the locals and our fellow team members. We have had a great time here and we will all really miss it.”
Judah Bergeron writes: “I have really grown a lot spiritually during this trip. I love Boot Camp, and being an FTM, it wasn’t that difficult. On the field was a completely different story. Things were tough, and I kinda just wanted to go home. It was during prayer closet when I realized I was trying to do it by myself, and I wasn’t relying on God to see me through. Right then and there, I submitted it to God, and it has been so much easier since. I have had God directly answer my prayers several times and I have realized that though I can’t always feel God, I know He’s always there.   Judah Bergeron”
Katie Harrington writes: “This trip has shown me a lot of things that I heed to work on in my life and things that I don’t need in my life. Yes, it has had its ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have met so many amazing people and have eaten a lot of things I would never have eaten if I hadn’t come. So over all it’s been a pretty great summer. Katie Harrington #18”




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  1. We have been praying for you this summer that God would use you in a powerful way! Now we are praying that your lives are forever changed for His Kingdom! That when you get back to your normal lives and settle in, that what you experienced this summer, will burn in your hearts and soul to the point that you will never forget and that you will live your lives differently….that you will be on fire for God in your schools, community, and in your church…that you will never settle for mediocrity and settle back into your teen age bubble…that you will decide to leave a legacy for God here on earth . . .and that you will put him first in everything! It’s been a pleasure praying for you! The Butlers

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