Italy Update

Our first day on the beautiful Almalfi Coast was spent catching up on classes (i.e. Bible study and library reading) Italy 2014Italy 2014Italy 2014Italy 2014amongst the aroma of lemon groves. The following day we ventured into Minori (a small village along the coast) and presented our songs and dramas. Each time we finish our presentation we follow with a time of evangelism where we go out in pairs of two or three and talk to people about the love of Christ. It’s such an encouragement to hear them talk about the various people they interact with and how far reaching the Gospel of Jesus truly is. Today we embarked on our first “hike”! Trekking through the Italian tundra is a new experience for many but a tremendous, and strenuous, experience non the less. Once we arrived in the next town we performed our presentation and enjoyed a lengthy time of evangelism.  There were several tourists, many of whom spoke English so the team had a much easier time going and talking with people.  The language barrier that is typically there has been a frustration to many. However, we ended the day by celebrating Joe’s 18th birthday, complete with cake, candles, and pudding! Tomorrow, we plan to head back to the town we went to today so as to continue evangelism there.  We hope everyone at home is staying safe and doing well! We all miss you but take comfort in that we are doing God’s will and ministering to those who need to hear the Gospel.

“It has been wonderful getting to learn about the different culture in Italy and it has been wonderful to be able to minister to the children through songs and soccer.  Italy is a very beautiful country with beautiful people that are a pleasure to minister to.” Megan Ward

“With the wind at your back
ad the weight of your pack
and the waves crashing down side by side

No matter how far
Yes our God knows your heart
So just keep pressing on day by day

When this life gets too hard
Let our God be your guard
and know that He is always by your side

With the wind at you back
and the weight of your pack
and the waves crashing down side by side
So just take that next step
Let our God be your guard
and believe that he died and rose again

The grace in his heart
and his outstretched arms
He’ll call you his child no matter what

Storms you go through
Oh lord help us to see you
And show us that our life is worth His death.” – Arthur Fillingam




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  1. To Arthur Fillingim ….we are so proud of you sharing the love of Christ. We are proud of all the young boys and girls with you. This is especially good to see with our world going in such a direction. We are here to GO AND TELL as Christ has told us to do…….and have a glorious time doing it. God bless each one and safe travels……you are undoing satans work YEA!

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