Madagascar does first Sunday School

Today was a grand adventure for all of us as we set out for our very first Sunday School. The team was slightly 22 Madagascarfearful of what the Madagascar roads would contain, but they set out with bravery nonetheless. We have 17 motorcycles now in operation, and every team member is able to ride one.

When we arrived at the Sunday School we were greeted with smiles and joyful spirits. Ben Schumacher led the games while Zac Frye and Danya Dilbeck taught phonics. Erin Stern taught a large group how to play “Ring around the Rosy,” and Abby Welton focused on the toddlers who couldn’t play with the big kids. There was a special needs child named Noah who needed personal attention, but Danae Kostner was diligent in attending to him and playing with him. The day was filled with laughter and happy hearts, and we are excited to do it again.

The next three nights we will stay in tents near the Sunday Schools which is almost an hour away from our current location. This will shorten our bike riding time significantly. We will return on Sunday. Haley Trebony will ride in our large truck that is carrying our supplies for the camping trip. We all look forward to the Sunday Schools so we can be witness the joy of the MSSM ministry.

We as a team are so thankful for your support and your constant prayers. All team members send their love to you and are excited to start our circuit again tomorrow. Thank you for all that you do.




  1. Hi Erin Stern, Dad just told me about these updates. That’s cool what you’re doing! I hope you enjoy the last few days of your time there.
    Love you.

  2. I’m so excited that God is using this team and am praying that each team members heart be full of Gods love. I also pray. that the people of Madagascar will never be the same when the love of Jesus overflows on them! I also thank you leaders for your devotion to our kids and to God. I pray each and every person will be blessed as they bless others. I love you Haley, and am very very proud of you for overcoming some hard obstacles. You are in my prayers daily.

    Jil Trebony

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